Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wheres me leathers....I'm gonna join a protest!!!


The news that hundreds of Bikers, yes I do own one, are staging a fuel protest is music to my ears!

We have put up with it for far too long, here,in North Wales the fuel prices are some of the highest in the country and always have been. There is a great deal of anger about this issue simmering under the surface.

Remember its only a few years back that we instigated the blockades around the refineries. Though there was a lot of support, many in the population outside of Wales seemed to treat it either as a joke or an inconvenience. That protest ended and little has been heard since.
Yes, it is time to protest LOUD AND LONG, we need to make TPTB relise that fuel is an essential part of our economy and I don't refer here to taxes. Without the ability to travel reasonably freely, jobs will be lost, firms will go under and the flow of cash around the country will dry up (here in Wales we are heavily dependant on tourism).

Cheaper fuel from lower taxation would allow us the people a significant amount more latitude for spending on other things and thus help the economy generally.

Its time the highly paid politicians and civil servants etc took a cut in their over inflated salaries and pensions, if there has to be any form of cutting back through the loss of revenue that would ensue. Too long have the government profiteered on the back of fuel duty and their mealy 1p rises which have been put up with again and again grudgeingly by us.

I HAVE TO SAY GO ON BOYS!!!AND GIRLS!!!(lets be PC for a moment or one of them might take offence) I for one support you fully, you are the right people for the job, highly mobile, vast numbers, bikers are a policing nightmare when they flock together.

Now where's me leathers I may just go and join the... OH SHIT ON A STICK ...I'd have to go fill up first, sort of defeats the object a bit doesn't it. Give a man a bit more warning next time round will you!!!

Support them people, BUY NO FUEL TODAY MAY 1st, and maybe we should all agree to do this every week for one day, buy no fuel from anyone!!! Some say it would make no difference, whilst others point out that losing one days revenue as a block causes a real message to be sent to both suppliers and government.
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