Wednesday, 5 May 2010

HANG ON A MINUTE...have we got the tactic wrong??

Sorry to bring it up but...this has been niggling at the back of my braincell for a while now and the only way to get rid of it is to spit it out!!!

I know we ALL hate Mc Doom and his cohort of evil ranting loonie lefties but the thought that keeps intruding on my conciousness has taken that into account and still won't go away!!!

It is just a thought, so it could be safely ignored I suppose, but what if it's right!!!

OK! OK! enough prevarication already...

The thought really started when I realised through various happenings, like the Twitter Twat, Straw's Treating and the Bigot debacle, as well as the postal vote just seems to go on and on...

Then there was a little noted comment from Swervy Mervy at the BoE to the effect of whoever gets in will be unelectable for a generation, due to the measures they WILL HAVE to introduce pissing everyone off so much...

My brain cell is squirming as I write these things down... We have cheered and villified the McDoomites and called for their heads loud and long but..

What if we are doing exactly as they want us to...what if it is their PLAN to not be elected tomorrow. All of a sudden they will be off the hook and in a position to screw things up for anyone who IS trying to fix the mess.

Surely, we have been told that there will be a 'hung' parliament or perhaps at best a small majority for a ruling party,whichever way it goes, and there is a very strong possibility such a government would be defeated at every turn thus forcing a vote of 'no confidence' and a new election. By then of course if Liebore are not in power there will be a 'new ' head to that particular snake. Face it Mc Doom is an electoral nightmare, he's the one everyone blames for everything!!!

Getting Cameroon for a few short months would be no real price for them to pay, in exchange for a comeback tour by Liebor, just before the Lisbon treaty needs signing. Think of it, the Tories are then unelectable for the cuts they have had to make (and we know that whoever is in they will have to make cuts) as the financial sector both national and international will demand them, if we are to retain our rating.

Surely what ought to happen in British politics,and it is what many of us are demanding but not being heard over, is a complete change. Electing Cameroon will not achieve that (its still the same old 1-2 2-1 1-2 system repeated ab nauseum) what we require is the country to overwhelmingly reject at least ONE if not all three major (sic) parties in favour of proportional representation or some other fairer than we have at the moment system.

It seems to me that what should happen is that the TWAT that has so spectacularly FUCKED it all up should be the one carrying the can when the shit hits the fan big time.
I KNOW I KNOW I CAN HEAR THE HOWLS OF ANGUISH AT THE MERE SUGGESTION!!!, but...why are they trying SO HARD to lose this election, what is THEIR PLAN, for plan they will have Fondlebum will have seen to that with Balls-up.

Maybe we all should write on our ballots tomorrow, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE UNTIL ELECTORAL REFORM FOR PROPER REPRESENTATION AND A REFURENDUM ON THE EU, and as opponents of this government, rather than give our support to 'that nice young man' (either other party) let the election unfold, and when Liebore win with whatever majority, but with a drastically smaller share of the available vote (last time they got in, correct me if I am wrong , it was on 22% of the vote of the people of the country) claim the right to civil disobedience, as they CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE A MANDATE FROM US THE PEOPLE, and institute nationwide days of action/inaction to completely paralyse the bastards in their tracks.

REMEMBER the FREEMAN/Lawful Rebellion stuff that showed Statute only has the 'force of law with the consent of the governed'.

Is it time for a silent majority peaceful revolution?
Is it time to make the vandals clean up their own shit?
Is it time to make those who should be accountable for all this , accountable?

Or is it time, as so many have pointed out, to vote for more of the same, whoever gets in?

For many of the people of this nation the vote they cast WILL make no difference, for the majority live and vote in seats which are 'safe' ones, it is only a few in this land that have the ability to change things, and do you know what, I for one am FED UP with those few controlling MY LIFE every election. I live in a 'safe' seat, BASTARDS!!!

I know that the Great British Apathetic Population would probably NEVER get behind something like this , but as I said , IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT!!!


fraser said...

1, I don't believe for 1 min they want to lose the GE,but i do believe they are trying to make things as difficult as poss for the new in-comming government.

2, A vote for UKIP is a vote for electeral reform,referendum on the EU and it sticks 2 fingers up to the political class,you dont need to spoil your ballot paper.

Indyanhat said...

Fraser as to point one, I just do not know any more, it just seems that way to me at times...

Point two was really very tongue in cheek as I wouldn't dream of a) spoiling my ballot paper and b) voting for Liebore
Here we have Plaid Cymru who though they have got into bed with Liebore in the assembly denying us the chance of a rainbow alliance and furthering the aims of the Liebore lot, have done quite a lot of good work against them as well, as in our local member being the chair of the 'Make War History cross party group in Westminster and they also tried to have Blair indicted for War Crimes
So as long as they do not again jump into bed with them then they may be worth continued support. I will check that one out before casting my vote and if assured properly will probably vote that way, but there is a side of me/us that wants to send a message so we may yet vote UKIP here though that will not make the slightest difference to who gets in.

The Network said...

It's def a possibilty read nadeem walayats articles on it at market oracle he says that labour want to leave the tories a scorched earth economy.