Friday, 7 May 2010

Waking up with a Brownover...

You know, I took great exception to McDooms comment of a while ago that the great British Public were 'not educated enough to decide on a new voting system',well now it appears that he was right!
Though for educated, I would substitute intelligent, after a long night of sitting through the election coverage (and 3 bottles of my home made wine)I fell asleep at 7ish only to wake with a huge Brownover.

Again and again, we watched, as seat after seat fell or swung wildly to Davy boy, at the time of dropping off he had taken 80 odd seats from mostly Liebore...but the cold light of day see's McDoom holding the front door of No.10 firmly shut as the bailiffs shout through the window for him to come out and deal with it!

Several things were wrong with last night, the 'I didn't get to vote brigade' in several constituencies were perhaps the worst, and I can well imagine their chagrin after standing in line for hours only to be turned away. It was a national disgrace to hear that there weren't enough ballot papers in some polling stations as well, did they not have one for every person on the register and if not why not?

The mood outside these places could easily have turned ugly, and perhaps should have, as for the first time in a generation the poll was well subscribed, so well subscribed in fact that on the figures of how many voted for who, Davy won by several country miles.
ast count I heard he was 2 MILLION yes, 2 MILLION, votes ahead of Liebore and Mc Doom, Thats 2 Million newly disaffected and disenfranchised voters, disaffected because after coming and voting their votes have counted for nothing, disenfranchised because they can now see that their votes are, in this voting system, not a democratic reflection of the government that we get.

Well watch out folks!, the word on the web is that we are in for serious problems coming to a doorstep in the front of your house/flat/mud hut very soon. When we needed change and strong government to maintain confidence in the running of this nation , we got the opposite!

I am pleased at the result in one way, as I blogged a few days ago, Mc Doom should face the full responsibility for his/Liebores past misdeeds and out of power he would not have suffered that.

If Mervyn King is right that the party elected will be unelectable for a generation, then does that mean that they all will go to the wall this time round and we will see a new era in British povertics, (sorry slip of the thought processes there, but I like the sound of it)for poverty is what we face, and without a real and rational solution to the problems inherent in the system we will forever suffer from a Brownover.

Many thanks to all who voted with intelligence (not you, Liebore voters you had a chance to change the lying tossbags)

...and a special thank you to the lovely people I shared a live blog-in with through until the early hours, many of them are listed in my 'Bloggers I value' list, some were new to me and I will try and add them to my list as soon as may be, hopefully I can get a list of contributors without ploughing through the complete thing in replay (damn why didn't I take notes)

Cheers people and I hope our Brownover goes fairly soon!!

For the sake of the country as a whole let it be today!

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