Saturday, 1 May 2010

Is this an example of Internet Censorship?

God I hate these sorts of decisions
I left a comment on 'Letters from a Tory' the other day and they have kindly sent a reply/acknowledgement in return.

For which I thank you personally now, TA!,

However my mail server has refused to ID the thing and thinks it may be a phishing site or some such as it does not seem to originate from the right place? So as I am a real coward and refuse to jeopardise my computer it will have to remain unread.
This is what I got:

High risk This message was marked as junk and will be deleted after ten days.
This message has been blocked for your safety. Open message
Thank you for your comment at 'Letters From A Tory'‏
From: A Tory (
High riskThis message may be dangerous. Learn more
Sent: 01 May 2010 11:18:14

My apologies to the sender for this internet cowardice, but I am really a technophobe and the intricacies of the whole computer thing are well beyond my grasp...I really just single finger type into a sort of glorified typewriter.

Ask me to make a decision about security etc and as the above mentioned technophobe I will run a mile...

Why it is marked as such is beyond me as it comes from a hotmail account and I also run that, perhaps you would like to see if LIEBORE are messing with your settings or something, as it definitely says 'this message may be dangerous', LOL!!! They are in control of more than we think!!

This is the link if you want to follow it to the man in question:


subrosa said...

I've had acknowledgements from LfaT but not from a hotmail account I don't think.

Sorry I'm clueless about techy things. Why don't you email the likes of G.O.T or All Seeing Eye. They're good at it.

Indyanhat said...

Thanks Subrosa,
Its all a blur to me, but I don't mind really!!
Have left a comment at LfaT so if he wants to follow up then fine , if not no probs.
Good to see that the comments box is working, I'm getting into the habit of not checking them as no one seems to comment (bar yourself of course) thanks for taking the time to read my guff!