Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bring back TYBURN, Traitors Gate and Death for Treason!

Long have I known that there was much that was concealed from 'US' the people, but what exactly!, and where does one find it?

The various 'FREEMAN' productions of information were there to hint the way, but still there were things 'missing', things hinted at but unclear. To me at least the various pieces of information seemed to add up correctly as far as they went but...somehow they were not complete.

Today I have seen a piece which has added up the columns, totted up the scores and arrived at an (for me ) unempeachable reality. I urge you all to see for yourself.The authoress of this information is now sadly passed away fighting with her last breath for the people of this her country and being bullied and villified in this countries courts...

Having seen this picture and heard this story of one woman's fight against the UNLAFUL TYRANNY of our governments for the last 100 years or more , I am persuaded to take up her fight on behalf of 'US' all. There can be NO rest from this endeavour, there can be NO excuse or force which should be able to make us give up this struggle!!!

'WE' are 'THE PEOPLE' and from us 'ALL' power is derived, without 'US' the British Nation would never have been built, WITHOUT THE BLOOD OF OUR FAMILIES AND ANCESTORS, there would be no Monarch and NO Parliament, No country even, just a loose grouping of tribes living on the land. That really is the point though isn't it 'WE' live on this 'OUR' land and none should be able to deny us that right or take that right from 'US'!!!

We have been sold into slavery almost totally by the powers that be, but it is not too late . It is not too late to reclaim that which IS ours by right!!

Those who are placed in positions of priviledge to defend us and our RIGHT, that try to sell that right away, those who are in Parliament who do not listen to the will of the people, and strip 'OUR' Constitution away from us are TRAITORS and should be subject to the ultimate penalty of the LAW OF THIS LAND, which is still that of the trip through TRAITORS GATE to the TREE at TYBURN to swing in the wind for all to see and realise that TREASON against the people has its price and that price MUST be PAID

Bring back the TREE at TYBURN and let those who abuse the powers given them under the CONSTITUTION live in fear of the knowledge of the price for their TREASONOUS actions ,MAKE NO MISTAKE, though it may sound barbaric , what other sanction can we use on those who would enrich themselves at our expense whilst destroying the country WE CALL HOME!!

It took an 83 year old lady, suffering from leukemia, to pull all the pieces together in my mind but now my mind is whole, I am fully resolved to continue her fight for the sake of this OUR COUNTRY!!!



fraser said...

Havn't gone away just been working me nuts off,and i cant stand the way the main stream media are backing this coalition its pathetic ive also been away for a couple of days with the misses just got back,normal service will resume shortly keep up the good work

Amusing Bunni said...

I think they should bring back hanging for treason!

Indyanhat said...

Hi Fraser and Bunni
I will keep on doing as my twisted little concept of concience dictateas for as long as they do not interfere in any way!
Treason IS the one offence that should be hangable , Bunnie, especially politicians and their bum buddies there really is no other way to dissuade them from screwing us into thew ground and then burying us to suffocate in their mess!!! Hang em if they screw up I say and never shed a tear for any of them, in fact hang anybody seen to shed a tear too!!!!