Monday, 10 May 2010


Theres a lot of talk about where we are at and what should be done about it, I'm saddened and sorry to tell you IT IS TOO LATE!!

The time to do something was at the end of the first labour term of office, when it was plain (to any who did not have their political head up their political arse) that Bliar and co. were fiddling all the figures and lying through their teeth about everything.

Letting them back in was the worst mistake the voters of this country ever made! All your rights and freedoms have been taken away and signed over to the EU, and you did not see it then and you do not see it now...there's none so blind as will not see...

We are now liable for the Greek debt under EU policy!!! ( See this from CONSTANTLY FURIOUS) and we never got to say a thing about it, With our IMF 'contribution the total is around 25 billion,

DEMOCRACY!!! you fools who are squabbling about Democracy and a new constitution are deluded. What we need is the real Constitution of this country put BACK IN PLACE!!!, but we have no power to do this...

March on Westminster and riot as you no doubt intend and this island will be put under MARTIAL LAW by the 'caretaker' PM and it will never get out from under it again!! You happy marchers will be at the least arrested and imprisoned (probably for acts of treason, life imprisonment) or what is more likely if you are loud enough, violent enough and number enough shot in the streets where you stand.

If you doubt this then you need to look again at what the police are 'prepared' to do, remember Menezes?, and it won't just be the police, you will face the ARMY too, not just ours but the forces of the EU come ostensibly as peace keepers, it will be they that fire the first shots (by accident) and if that doesn't send you all scurrying for home to behave, then they will just do it for real, on purpose, until dissent is gone!!!

There's been a lot of talk of the New World Order, and how they are trying to take over, I'm sorry for anyone who still thinks they are trying, they have done it already with the help of Bliar and we are just so much head of chattel.
see for yourself at FRAZERS SOAPBOX

The Power 2010 org. are out there with the far left communists inciting the people who have some sort of ideals, of there being a fairer way, into massing for protests, protests in of all places LONDON, the most watched city on earth. You who attend will all be identified and either quietly nullified afterwards or you will not be going home from the march at all.
The Power 2010 org. and the COMMON PURPOSE people sound like they are on the side of change but ask yourself seriously , if the COMMON PURPOSE people were on the side of the people, why have they been secretly training the leaders of Councils and those in Government,police etc for the last 10 years or so?

No they're not 'for' us they have their own agenda and it is not one they have shared with us until now. Put away your purple scarves and hats and things and think hard about how it should be done, the only way to change this system is for us all no longer to 'work' for this system, stop buying , paying ,traveling, working. Stay at home and refuse to come out, turn Britain into a ghost town and do it consistently until the Constitution is reinstated and ALL laws passed by the illegal Parliament from 2000 on are repealed by the Queen personally on our behalf...(including the Lisbon Treaty)stay home until a referendum is called on it and while you are at home study the whole structure and know what is taking place...

The shame of it is too many of us will not do this and they will keep this system going, and we unfortunate 'protestants' will be dragged along 'VELCROED' to the coatails of the malformed bitch of a society we cannot tear ourselves free from!!

Go and die on the streets if you wish, but do it a long way from me...I will stay indoors and await the collapse of this system which WILL come in very short order, when that day comes there may be a way to make things better ,once the bloodletting stops!

For a little (actually a lot) more information go to
CAPTAIN RANTY and listen to what the wiser heads are saying...
thanks Cap'n, Frazer,BoM and CF, for the artiles linked to here, I'm glad some of us anyway have pulled our heads out of the sand of the election crap!


fraser said...

New world order, see joe biden speach on my blog.

There are to many lemmings in this country who are happy with the statas quo who moan and whinge but when it come's down to it they just comform like good little boy's and girls.

good post keep up the good work

Indyanhat said...

Thank you Frazer its good to know that what i am doing has some little merit, I appreciate every comment!!!