Thursday, 6 May 2010

Light blue touch paper, retire to Australia

Greece is going up in flames!!

“Others tried repeatedly to storm parliament, chanting ‘thieves, thieves’”

And can you blame them for it? It all seems so predictable, from the outset the EU was a disaster just looking for a time to happen, the vast imbalances that were apparent, to any who cared to look, in the various members economies were bound to have to find a settling point somewhere, somehow.

That the settling point would not become apparent for some years was entirely constructed by the EU itself and, were it not for the banking crisis, may still be waiting to come to fruition.

But now the Greeks have someone to blame...the banks...and they are unleashing the sentiments of many others throughout Europe! Do we wish we could rip the government and the banks down to size? of course we do...then why do we not act as the Greeks are acting now?

“Several other buildings were also set alight during extensive clashes across a broad swathe of central Athens [...] They included the finance ministry in charge of the austerity programme.”

I believe it is just a matter of time, I believe the Greek situation is the blue touchpaper of the biggest firework Europe has ever seen... sod the piddling little volcano in Iceland when Europe blows its top there really will be hell to pay!

Who is going to bail out Spain, Portugal the UK (if or when) its not the Governments of the member states place to quantitatively ease and thus devalue ALL the currencies of the EU and possibly the world, Someone somewhere WILL object strongly to that.

Look to the US and their impending explosion/implosion of debt is this all arranged to equal the pressures and leave the NWO pretty much as it is, one wonders what China will do in the chaos that is about to be unleashed!!

Is anywhere safe? probably not but some places will be LESS dangerous to be than others, Gad I wish I was Young enough to ...retire to Australia!!!

Hat tip to The Tap for his article and pics!

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