Sunday, 2 May 2010

Impressions of a Paranoid (Mc Carthy update)

Impressions of a paranoid:

Well I have to admit actually receiving an answer from the nice man in the electoral office was a bit of a surprise...a shock even!!!

The ramifications of what process I had involved myself in took a little while to settle in. After the glee of being a part of the political and legal processes of this our country, came a slow realisation, a dawning of the possibilities!!!

It was the second line of the email that caused this, ‘your email has been forwarded to the police’.

It flickered through my few functioning brain cells that this was somehow important...

That flickering awoke other, till now quietly dormant cells, The Police...

Thoughts of a doubting nature started to make themselves known on the radar of my consciousness...had I been foolish...had I opened Pandora’s box...what if it were all some sort of internet hoax that I had fallen for...

I feverishly set to at the keyboard to try to back track and find the original screenshot I had stumbled over and acted upon...where was it?

It took a while and a lot of sorting but eventually there it was and I made a copy for my personal records, for it was dawning on me that I may end up one day in court over this...whether as a defendant or a witness for the prosecution is as yet unclear and certainly has its worries!

Other brain cells were struggling into the slowly dawning light of day...if called at all how would I answer the summons...

I have been flirting round the edges of the Freeman/Lawful rebellion movements without being overly committed to any real action, but if actually called to court would I try and play that card? How would that work?

You know it is all very nice and cosy sitting out here in the blogosphere, going ‘Ra Ra Ra’ with the folk here, but to have the possibility of being hauled out into the full light of day and involved directly in the courts and glare of the publicity all that would attract you suddenly find you’re in a very lonely place.

Realistically it stacks up heavily against one, there is (in this case)

1. A barrister
2. the Liebour Party
3. the Government
4. the Police
5. the secret agencies
6. the courts
7. the Media

All against (Gulp)

The question is, am I the only one who complained, or were there others? Where would I be able to find the info I need to defend my side? Would any stand with me?

At the time (the small hours of this morning) all this was flying round my brain in a never ending spiral of confusion. Desperate as I was there was no way and no one I could talk to about it all, I tried contacting a couple of bloggers who were understandably not about on their blogs just when I needed them to be I fired off a couple of emails...and then...

My laptops hard drive started to go into turbo mode, I have never heard it go so fast, I even wondered if it was going to blow up. Drop down menus wouldn’t, I couldn’t close the internet window (it didn’t even say it’s usual ‘not responding’)...I freaked and hard closed it all!!!

Poured myself a very large Vodka and vodka with a dash of vodka to give it a bit of body and sat wondering just how much damage I had done...

After a couple more of the above drinkies, I restarted the infernal machine. This opened up exactly where I had left it and immediately went into over drive again...HARD CLOSED again.

Today I’m back wondering what the fuck was going on...was my laptop being remotely accessed? I don’t know, it’s quieter today...

I write this in the hope someone out there/here will actually read it and perhaps have a few words of advice/comfort to give...

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