Thursday, 13 May 2010

Constitutional and Administrative Law Exam

Well I was up bemused and early this morning (5.30) to get to my first Law exam, where I was pleasantly surprised to realise I actually knew a bit, hopefully enough, for the purposes of answering the questions
I have to admit studying has been very difficult over the last week or so as the ELECTION has occupied a LOT of my time and energy. Nevertheless, what I have learned through reading the blogs etc of the people to the right of the screen in the blog list and others not named there seemed to stand me in good stead.
There was one essay question that went right to the heart of it all that I thought about doing but decided against in the end. I made that decision as I was very likely to 'go off on one' as a result of having been on here so much and I thought that all things considered they just didn't have enough paper in the exam hall to do it justice and I would probably have failed as well.
Still thats one out of the way and I'm fairly sure I've done enough to pass. The next one is Contract Law next week and I have a few niggling thoughts that I will be drawn into going off on one about the 'Freeman 'sort of view of things just for the hell of it, I am sure they will not be able to understand or even mark it if I do though but we will see.
So to all you bloggers on here who I have enjoyed so much sharing interfret space with, thank you for your views and if I fail its all fucking GORDOs fault or that bitch Sue!!!
As to a serious political type blog today to assess the new incumbents the Condom alliance ...well I just cannae be fucked, I'm off to get seriously bladdered and have a little lie down on someone soft and lovely (if she'll let me) so until I resurface tomorrow have a LOVELY DAY, I know I will, the end of civilisation as we know it can wait, and if it can't then at least I'm off the hook for Contract!!!


Magna Carta Society Blog said...

When you have finished your exams, I would be interested in having a sight of your syllabus, or a helping hand to find it please.

I have it on good authority that treason was removed fron the legal educatiuon sylabus 30 years ago. There are likely to be some candidates for the future treason trials that are the logical conclusion of lawful rebellion in addition to removal of corrupt academics from their tenures.

Regards, John H.

Indyanhat said...

Will see if I can a) find it for you (its here somewhere) and b)post it to you in the next day or so John!

I don't remember seeing treason on it anywhere per se but it may be sort of included in something else , I do know when I hit my tutor with some stuff (freeman sourced ) about treason he folded up immediately but he was only a Phd student doing some fill in tutoring LOL!!!

Amusing Bunni said...

Have a fun night! I'm glad you liked the pics. The bird you mentioned, and at the top here, is very cool. I have lots of birds in my yard, none like that though.

I leave them food and water in the winter, no one else does!

Indyanhat said...

Glad you like the birds they were pretty amazing , feeding on the back fence lie that!!!Can't find that cat yet i'm afraid will look again tomorrow. ni nite

Indyanhat said...

Glad you like the birds they were pretty amazing , feeding on the back fence lie that!!!Can't find that cat yet i'm afraid will look again tomorrow. ni nite

Indyanhat said...

John H try as I might I cannot find a link on the uni site which gives detailed info on the syllabus, the nearest that I can offer would be the actual student handbook and its contents (printed) but having checked there you will find no mention of Treason within it!
To study that area at looks like it would have to be a third year dissertation , thats if they allowed it/had anyone competant to lead/supervise you.
Sorry if this is a dissapointment to you (probably not , I'm sure you realised it )If you require any further help or some research doing then I would be prepared to do what I can for the cause.
I think you already know all you need to know though!, and although I do not know what the H stands for I am fairly confident in saying it was your (and others like you) whose work I have been following that prompted my legal studies in the first place, to find out what the complete position is/was
What I have learned so far has backed the Freeman stuff to the hilt, once you step outside of the usual paradigm and view it all from a sceptical standpoint!!
I am proud to have had you contribute to my blog John please feel free to return whenever!!

I still have a lot to learn from people like yourself!!