Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cameron State Visit and Art Theft coincide!!

Speculation was rife today as Davey boy took the quatro to Paris to meet with a dubious little frenchman. The meeting took place only a short time after several very valuable paintings went missing from a Paris art gallery/museum. The paintings which were said to be worth up to 100 Million pounds and as good as GOLD, were carefully removed from their frames after being taken from the gallery where the alarms were somehow bypassed and nothing was seen by the resident guards.

Certain sources are saying that there is a new Pink Panther about on the international scene, and whilst it appears unlikely that it was Davey boy himself, some are wondering just exactly who the dubious little frenchman was that Davey boy was in such a hurry to meet up with. Initial reports suggest that it could have been the French Premier although after what he said recently about letting the UK go to the wall this seems unlikely, even Davey boy has more class than to mix with that sort of person.

Some are wondering if in fact Davey was meeting up with a middleman to take delivery of certain items of value as a hedge against the hyperinflation about to hit Europe and France in particular. It remains to be seen if similar occurences attend Daveys impending visit to the German capital where he will meet a famous old con woman who has just recently managed to steal hundreds of millions of Euros from the german public and got cleanly away with them!

The mind boggles at the timing and audacity of the move. Davey is certainly living up to his promise to include a whole new team and attitude to government, after the drab and boring Brown years a little elan and dash will go a long way to making us all proud to be British once again!

Inspector Cleusseau has been brought out of retirement to take charge of the investigation and Cato said this evening that the great defective was still up to the mark on international thingies, having recently bought several pairs of Calvin Klein boxer shorts all on his own!

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