Sunday, 16 May 2010

Here we go again..UK vows to back US against Iran

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Didn't they learn the last time?

I am so sick of the War Mongering stance of our government and the big boys club. Literally the playground bullies of the world, saying I have the right to ALL the sticks and you have no right to any of them even for a peaceful purpose like lighting a fire to cook your dinner on...

How can that twat Hague promise the UKs support SO easily again when our forces are overstretched and underbudgeted already. Ah hang on I hear you say its just support for a round of UN sanctions, (do you not remember thats how it started with Iraq). Is it hell as like, the USA have been making noises for some time now about 'sorting' the Iranian problem, yeah right ! The Iranian problem is that they have OIL lots of OIL and the USA do NOT want them to be able to defend/destroy it.
Just look what happened in IRAQ the USA have literally stolen all the oil and we poor fools in the UK did'nt even get a sniff of the fumes the Americans had it away so fast!!!

I refuse to support any action against Iran, I watched as the people of Iran tried to overthrow their hardline government and I watched them dying in the streets. There are MANY good people there and WAR on them would be a massive crime. The War we need to fight is against the corrupt governments of the world, the governments dictated to by the multi national corporations (mostly USA) why are we not seeking sanctions against the hostage situation of the world banks?, they are far more deadly than Iraq even with a nuclear capability!

Who would they throw it at anyway, yeah right, ISRAEL, do you know I am very tempted to say I DO NOT CARE!! In over 30 odd years of observing the situation there I have never to my recollection ever seen a serious effort on Israels part to offer a just settlement to the people it displaced, only theft after theft of the land and indignity after indignity heaped on the poor and starving dispossesed. The old saying 'you made your bed' springs to mind.

No I do not condone the violence from either/any side, I do not condone violence AT ALL!! and I am fed up with all the sabre rattling that goes on

If you read the economic press stuff, you will see that the inflationary spiral has only two outcomes either we all go bankrupt (again) or WE ALL(that means the world) have another WAR to strip the asset base back to somewhere manageble. Personally I prefer the former, as the latter course, as the analyst's point out, will only delay the former situation from happening for a few more years, but by then WE will have lost ALL our rights and the Police will be armed soldiers on our streets and William Hague et al who progress us down this road, will hopefully be burning in the fires of hell!!!

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