Friday, 28 May 2010

The Card Trick...

Nicely explained and oh so true

You know I am fed up to the back teeth with being dumped on from on high and made to pay/suffer for the enrichment of the few who really do nothing but fuck it up for all the rest of us, bankers, politicians, governments, corporations, multinationals, oil companies, vested interest groups....the list goes on and on....

I love the card trick above, its truth is easily apparent if you even pause to think about it, we are sovereign...we are the power...we are the base upon which everything else rests. The trouble is that we do not realise our position and are therefore no better than slaves to the system WE contribute our sweat labour to.

Can you deny it??? Can you honestly say that you are happy at the bottom of the heap, I can only tell you that I was born free and for the whole of my life my mind has looked out from the mountaintops while my body has been imprisoned by the system. Examine that statement and see if it is not also true for yourself...

I want my freedom all of it, mind and body... those who have stolen my rights are traitors and cowards, hiding behind cadres of brainwashed thugs who do their violent dirty work and feel that they are somehow better than us, the underlings, it is time to realise that being a member of the general public in this state gives you no rights or rewards for your general law abidingness.

If you are not a MASTER or one of the chosen uniformed then you are just a CRIMINAL who hasn't been caught yet!!!, but make no mistake you will be caught in their web of lies and deceit, you will transgress for they have set the system up so that you do!!

It used to be that there was a LOT of LEEWAY in our society for personal beliefs and foibles to exist without running into trouble with the LAW. Those were the days of the COMMON LAW jurisdiction which said ,'NO HARM NO LOSS NO CRIME', but they have legislated all the room from the world we live in so we are no longer 'FREE' to swing the proverbial cat!

NO HARM NO LOSS, should be the whole of the LAW and I want it back!!!

Its up to us to defend ourselves from the incursions of the state and its apparatus, learn the LAW, the REAL law and refuse to co-operate any further than the REAL LAW allows you must!! Make them aware that you/we will not be herded into the cattle trucks bound for their extermination camps, remember if you are sent down to prison for any one of the innumerable offences that they have created , then you are an economically neutralised person, that my friends amounts to extermination in this system. For where will you get a job after serving your time, will even Mc Doughnuts have you???

There is much squealed about the feckless unemployed who do not work, I wonder how many have criminal convictions that mean they are virtually unemployable???and if there are a significant number in such a position then what do benefits paid to them amount to???...

WHY CHILDREN isn't it obvious, they are being bribed to be good and not go all out to theive and rob to survive...they are given just enough to keep the majority of them quiet and reasonably peaceful...of course there are some who still rob and theive and deal drugs etc but they are a minority of those who recieve benefits, if that were not so then the 8 MILLION odd that are on benefits of one sort or another would have long ago plunged this nation into internicene warfare on the streets!!

I want my freedom back, I want NO HARM NO LOSS LAWS!!! I want to see my society living and working together for a future that is clean of the real PARASITES, the BLOODSUCKERS at the top who cheat and steal and make OBSCENE profits from all of US!!

If YOU feel like this too, then learn how to say NO!...its very simple...N...O...means NO!!!

Look at Lawful Rebellion and the Freeman agenda!! actually LOOK for the way/the answer for IT IS there to find. If YOU would be free, and give that RIGHT to your children and their children to come..LOOK for the answers and then just say NO!

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