Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oil be seeing you!!!

Well doesn't it all just pale into insignificance!

The oil barons have finally screwed us, NO this isn't unecessarily alarmist. If you have followed the link from the UK News Network and have seen the figures you WILL realise that. If you haven't seen the link yet go HERE

For FUCK'S SAKE, they are considering dropping a NUCLEAR BOMB down the thing to close it off...these people aren't bright enough to tie their own shoelaces let alone judge what will happen if they try that.

According to the article it is the second largest oil and gas field ever discovered, which I presume is why the US have not tapped it until now, preferring to drain every other field in the world first before turning to their own back yard where its more easily defended from others. Good tactics if youre selfish son's of bitches who couldn't give a flying fuck for anyone else. Christ a large proportion of the American public can't even tell you where Norway is!!!

But the people aren't to blame and for once neither is Gorgon Brown, what we are looking at here IF this thing isn't shut down in very short order is the complete poisoning of the worlds most important ecosystem, the OCEANS!!!

The OCEANS don't just provide us with a few fish and prawns to eat, they are the main provider of OXYGEN (which we need to breathe) and OZONE which we need to stop the earth burning up under the influence of solar radiation.

The Mayan's prohesied the end of the world as we know it (though they didn't specify just how exactly) was to come in 2012 and this could quite concievably be the reason why, as it will take about that long for the full effects of this disaster to seep through. Its not just the loss of a few fish and birds, think about it, the old saying 'pouring oil on troubled waters is a truism, Ships in the old days did exactly that in the middle of storms to calm the waters around themselves to enable them to save their lives, a brief respite. However if the Oceans are covered in oil then would we have ANY storms!, what happens to our weather systems in such a scenario?


It amuses the fuck out of me that we should be so completely screwed by an administration (the US) attempting to stave off its dire financial situation by 'bringing home a huge new oilfeild on its back door step, and if they do decide to drop a nuke on it, I want to see the video of the gas fireball that goes up!!! BOY O BOY I WANT TO SEE THAT!!!!

I wonder if California will still be there afterwards?

What really pisses me off is this thing is burning like billyo and creating God knows how much CO2 pollution and here, HERE I'm not allowed to have a smoke with me pint!!

This may not be my last post, but it is probably THE most important thing I will ever write, THE END MAY WELL BE NIGHER THAN WE HERETOFORE THOUGHT!!!

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AdamS said...

I didn't know how big the oil spill was...doesn't the idea of civilisation being wiped out by oil make a kind of poetic irony...

Still, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we really should nuke it! To save the ocean...?

Indyanhat said...

Transferred from main article for you anonymous, I did not know I did not allow comments from outside , my apologies. I will see what I can do to resolve that problem

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indysparings only allows comments from those with a Google account. I don't have one so here is some breaking news on the oil spill


Bloody yanks and the bastards are blaming BP!

As for the Mayan calendar it actually records the end of manufactured lack in 2012 not the end of the world!

Haliburton, CIA, false flag ops could this disaster be part of the 9/11 demolitions, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan that all seem to divert Americans attention from what is really going on in their government?

Certainly Haliburton is linked with so many of these events so coincidence doesn't seem to cut it any more does it?

4 May 2010 16:48