Monday, 17 May 2010


Just watched this you NEED to as well, I know its about America but it IS the same here
WATCH IT spend an hour WISELY and then prepare for the SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN and our government can fiddle all they like but ROME WILL STILL BURN!!!!


The Network said...

bit of a mind fuck hey Indy? kinda makes you think.. hmmm what do I need to get now that I wont be able to get in a year or two. Gold and silver and obvious winner if you don't want to get annhilated

Indyanhat said...

Been watching this for weeks and had my suspicions for a year or two I am after seeing this sorting my shit out as I do not believe we have a couple of years, prices will go up very soon and strikes etc will be happening all over the place within 6 months if the govt. cut back seriously anywhere.
Get a good stock of tins of food and dried goods in and build yourself a stockpile of petrol/diesel for generators etc NOW before prices go up!!( see previous post of a week or so ago)also make sure you have a kelly kettle for boiling water with, come the day, I for one will NOT be drinking THEIR tap water anymore!!! This is where they gain the excuse to get rid of poplulation, get out of the cities if you can and learn to grow your own food , you WILL need to be able to do so
If you think owning gold as a peasant will do yu any good I would think again, they will just cheat you for a tin of beans, but if you grow food you are a useful resource!!!

Growing said...

As usual it is the poorest that will suffer first. The loved up duo co-habiting at No. 10 have already announced that they intend to cut Child tax credits, an essential income for those least well off. Unfortunately it is a fact of financial life that only the wealthy can help bring a country out of recession and if they start to lose their multi millions then they are likely to stop investing, thus stopping any recovery in it's tracks. For more than a decade now our "boom" has been centred on the housing market and as soon as there was any kind of slump abroad then people stopped buying houses! The only way this country can stop the current doom that is hanging over our heads is to do the one thing that they have already said they won't do! Invest in new industry. Why do you think the only countries not suffering this crisis are investing the equivalent of our national debt EVERY DAY? I do think our country can avoid a "melt up" but I also believe they won't do it!

Indyanhat said...

Hi Growing,
The poor sufffering the most is the REASON i feel so strongly that everyone should know about this and prepare for it beforehand, as much as possible Buying and storing seed for veg etc. would be a bright idea!

And whilst buying GOLD is not an option for the poor it does explain why you have all those adverts for old gold doesn't it! Some people have read the markets well and set about collecting it, the question is who are they? the next question is WHY did Gordo sell it all and who to...He should be jiled at the very least for that as I think a great many people (the poor again) are going to suffer very badly for it!