Saturday, 8 May 2010

WHY Grannie knew how to suck eggs...a Warning and a Prophecy

To those who do read this blog, bear with me a minute while I lay the groundwork for the younger folk among us...

I'm in my mid fifties now and that means my Grannie lived through 2 major WARS and both survived and brought up a family through the days of rationing.

The old saying is 'you can't teach Grannie to suck eggs' and you know why don't you? because she already knew how of course...

Now Grannies in the old days were resilient and resourceful women, they planned for the future as much as they dared and to make sure that there was a better future in store for her children, she most likely went without something she wanted/needed to put a little aside for a rainy day. Credit was almost never taken out in those days, you made do with what you had.

These days we are used to an easy consumer life, we buy what we want, very often ON credit of some kind, and we spend most if not more than we earn and pay back the minimum amount on the 'card' every month to stay within our wage. This has worked well for us for quite a few years now...

Now, today we are looking at (if we care to see) a strange new reality coming. There IS going to be a huge accounting VERY SOON. In front of your eyes SOVEREIGN NATIONS are literally going bankrupt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and even the good old USofA are folding under a mountain of unsustainable debt. Theres plenty of sources in the world that have been warning for a long time that this situation would come/was coming and there are lots of theories as to what has caused it (go look them up if you want to know), but I'm not concerned here with such things I'm talking about Grannies...

In every Grannies, fresh baking aroma filled, kitchen you would find a thing called variously; a pantry, a stock cupboard or some such, which was filled with basic food stuffs, enough of most things you need to last for a good period, probably if carefully used a couple of months or so...'yeah so what!' I hear you younger ones say, 'today we go to tesco/asda for what we need'.

I hear you, now you listen carefully !!!...60% or more of 'OUR' food comes from abroad and WHEN (not if) our system follows the other SOVEREIGN NATIONS into bankruptcy, we wil not be able to afford to import those food stuffs anymore and most of us will not be able to afford them if they still did manage to bring some in.

Now what I am trying to tell you is YOU had better get yourself a pantry NOW while you still can, today I spent £400 on basic foodstuffs designed to last a careful cook for a whole year at least and remember I grow a large part of my/our vegetable needs every year.

When the shit hits the fan of the MASSIVE debt that GORGON BROWN has saddled us with, overnight your money is going to be worthless, its on OUR/YOUR doorstep NOW!!!
The pound is dropping like a stone, due to OUR NOT having a working Government and the longer that situation lasts the further it will drop...

I believe (I hope wrongly) that within the next year we will see fuel prices so high you will not be able to use your car, food prices will, because of the fuel price, also rise and shortages will start to happen. At some point the whole shooting match is going to collapse and there will be people rioting, striking and stealing just to survive, such is the poisoned chalice BROWN passes on to the next Government.

With our downfall and that of the other nations of the EU and the western world, things are going to get very VERY tough for a while until something is sorted out by someone, in the meantime the inner cities will be bathed in the blood of the desperate.

Don't be one of them I implore you for the sake of your family, get prepared NOW build a pantry of essential items (and thats nearly everything you normally buy that will keep without a fridge/freezer, dried and tinned food ) and then once set up go about as normal buying your normal shop and rotating through your stock. If the worst does not come then you can quietly run the whole thing down again but if it does come and you have NO food what will you do then?

Grannie knew how to suck eggs DO YOU?

Please feel free to repost this to anyone that you know or care about, being food secure for a couple of months or more is not in the present situation STUPID!!!

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