Wednesday, 19 May 2010

HEY CAMERCLEGG!!!! i hope youre watching!!!

Oh look look the cities are burning mummy!!!
Are they all banks mummy?
All it takes is a population tired of lies and repression and you are suddenly in the middle of your own BBQ fueled almost entirely by your paper issue...
We wait to see if you save us first and thus yourselves or if you too sell out to big business, WE will see!!!


subrosa said...

We will se indeed Indyan. Like the blog colour btw. ;) Very masculine!

Indyanhat said...

Thanks Subrosa!! I like the colours too!!

Nice to have you round!!!

fraser said...

Yes Bangkok is burning this is what happens if the people are not happy with an unelected government.

The video clip is from Udon Thani,thats east Thailand so it's going off everywhere.

I have some shocking pics from a few weeks back in the last wave of serious violance in bkk emailed to my wife from her sisters i might post some on my blog but not sure about the graphic one's

Indyanhat said...

Publish !!we are all adults, and need to see whats coming to a town near us!!

fraser said...

Published but not the most harrific one's

fraser said...

If you see the Thaksin speach on youtube after your clip,he is playing his part in the trouble,he says when he was PM he gave them 500bht each and if he returns as PM again he will give them more,alot of the red shirts come from poor parts of Thailand.

you get about 50bht to the £ at the mo

Indyanhat said...

Nice ,free and fair elections with who has the most money buys the most votes eh!!

Sounds familiar, but here its not the people who get bought its the Unions!!