Saturday, 15 May 2010

I can't believe how quiet and inconsequential its become...

Whats up?

I'll tell you, everyone and his/her brother were out and commenting POLITICALLY until just a couple of days ago. Where have they all gone?

Are they still lying drunk and insensible after their celebrations over getting rid of GORGON BROON? I wouldn't have thought so as it wasn't really that big a deal and the resultant coalition are no real cause for any outright joy as yet!

True they appear to be making certain moves in the right direction but...I guess its just me, I'm a suspicious sort by nature...

but... I have heard too many times the phrase COMMON PURPOSE to be very happy about the state of the governing classes. What worries me is in many instances where the term crops up it is not a natural part of the sentence, yes I know its reasonable English but have you noticed that there is often a small momentary pause before the term is delivered/inserted and the term itself is often also STRESSED in relative isolation to the sentence that surrounds it.

I do not want my erstwhile leaders to tell me they have common purpose at all( in the small sense of unity between them , rather than the large sense of the insidious socialist garbage charity teachings), what I want them to do is represent the people of this country and show their commitment to doing something constructive for us.

Rather than hear the buzzword COMMON PURPOSE (with any and all its connotations) I would rather hear them saying they have reached a constructive agreement to look after us and not feather their own nests.

Examine all the times you hear 'COMMON PURPOSE' and see just how many of those instances actually flow properly in their sentence construction, yes it is a semantic point and yes I may be being pedantic about picking up on it, but 'IF' it is there as I percieve it to be, we all need to be very worried.

I chose the blog title INDYSPAREINGS to reflect many things about what I percieved my purpose in doing this blog to be, firstly my nickname is INDY which equates to IN DEE(p) (SHIT), PARE is a word that means to cut/slice away. Phonetically it also sounds like IN DESPAIR INGS showing my disgust at what is occurring in my world and country.

Read it in any way you like, if you have bothered to think about it at all, the point is it means more than at first appears on the surface and so does the term COMMON PURPOSE, too normal a phrase to be picked out by those with their eyes and ears closed is used too often in too strange a way to be just a phrase ordinary people use and those using it are NOT ordinary people by any stretch of the imagination...

Just because I'm paranoid does NOT mean they are NOT out to get me, remember that, and look into what COMMON PURPOSE is and does!!!!

You have been warned !!!

Thats a heads up for you , it doesn't take much finding, read the other side as well if you wish, but DO THINK about it, there is much work still to be done by us Bloggers and the decent people of this our society, I hope they come out of their various comatose states soon and pick up their pens again.

The BIG BAD BOGEYMAN has NOT left and gone away, its only a figurehead that has passed, the cancer is still killing the victim... US and our SOCIETY!!!


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy, we are right to be concerned. I didn't like hearing that "common purpose" stuff coming out of cam's mouth either.

It's all too depressing to contemplate, which is why
I like to watch & post cute animal video's, easier on the blood pressure that way. Have a nice week, despite the madness.

Indyanhat said...

This isn't MADNESS Bunni , this is what we pay our taxes for and IS reality... I don't have a problem with that but they may well find a problem with me!!!LOL
Keep posting the animal vids it amuses me no end, lots of love Indy