Monday, 10 May 2010

So Clegg screws Britain!!!

Well you'd not believe there were so many two faced lying bastards in any one place would you.

In the middle of financial meltdown, when the country needs people of integrity/honesty we get Clegg!!!
So much for the conservatives have won the right to govern, and a deal based on the needs of the country, this toad now plays two ends against the middle, who does he think he is Clint Eastwood?

On a falling share of the vote this 'TOOL' is now in the position of king maker or should that be country pauperer.

I have never been so disgusted in all my life, and NO I AM NOT A TORY, what I am (or at least pride myself to be) is an honorable person. Just as I think most of the British public think of themselves. I have NO PROBLEM with people voting the way they have, though I find it hard to believe that so many cannot see the lies and sleaze, they had the right to do so.

What I cannot stomach is the two-faced mendacity of a man/party that will say that the people have spoken and this group have won, and then change their minds like a crack addled whore jumping into an axe murderers car because he offered her more readies.

Well I can't say I wish you luck thats for sur,e but I do hope that the axe is at least sharp and you don't suffer for too long, as even an inconsistent idiot deserves a little mercy.

I am now left with NO ALTERNATIVE my afadavits will be off in the post just as soon as I can arrange for them to be notarised and I will henceforth obey none of the Statutes that the PTB foist upon us.

I will live free or die by their hand but I shall do so A FREEMAN UNDER GOD!!!

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