Friday, 30 July 2010

For Ellen

Death brushed past us
black wing feathers rustling
Turning warm day to cold
before alighting nearby

Darkened, the skies
as the noon hour was passed
and the rush of the air
stilled a breath with its blast

Stopped, was the world
or so it did seem
as the life of a girl
became as a dream

wish though we may
we cannot breathe warmth
to the cold light this day

passed is our friend
gone with a sigh
that our strength could not mend

the only goodbye
as all here that loved her
break down...


Smoking Hot said...

Poems from the heart have a life and meaning that all can see ... although some pretend not to see. l see yours and my thoughts go to you.

l have written one poem in my life and yours made me go and search for it in my archives ... for that l thank you.


We are the Wind and the Oak

You, the Wind, deceive by your soothing seductive breath
For underneath lies your destructive passion for pastures new
No longer content, you erupt in a fierce rage
Everything must give, for nothing can withstand you

My seeds of life are stripped from me and I strain in defiance
The scars and pain I suffer bear witness that you have gone
I do not know where your desires have taken you
Nor do I any longer care

Yet, your passing creates life between us
For little Oaks now grow
And as they grow I become stronger to resist your storms
For now, we are Family

I cannot stop you returning, nor want to
For the little ones still need your caress.
The sadness is that I, the Oak, know where home is
Whereas you, the Wind, will never know yours

That is why the Wind will always cry

Indyanhat said...

Glad you dug it out SH, interesting poem thanks for adding it. Maybe you should write more!

Amusing Bunni said...

That's a very nice poem, both of them.

I hope you both aren't bummed out after that, it's kind of sad, I'm glad I cheered you up with my brides ;-)

Indyanhat said...

Bunni, to every day there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven...
I'm sure you know that song/quote, and here it was a time for sadness, both fresh and re-visited...that there was a sun shining in your neck of the woods helped a lot and for that I thank you!