Thursday, 29 July 2010

On a lighter note than usual...

What the fuckity fuck fucks going on here!

Thin Passenger thrown off plane to make room for FAT teenager!
Fat Fucks Flying


Fuck the FAT bastards who fly on planes,I am sick to the back teeth with them, they waddle down the boarding ramps, clog up the aisles, where two normal sized people can squeeze past each other, overflow thier seats invading what little space that you have anyway, are generally obnoxious if you dare to complain, use up fuel at twice the rate of normal people,get THE SAME luggage allowance as ordinary people, and quite frequently stink of BO through both poor hygene and being unable to reach round themselves to clean themselves properly.

...and now they throw a thin person off a plane to make way for a FAT teenager who needs two seats but has only paid for one...unfuckingbelievable!!!

Listen, I do not care why someone is FAT be it medical or just sheer greed, but I do care that they get MORE consideration from airlines than I do!

If I am average weight for my height fair enough the cost of the seat is fair to ALL, after all we are basically paying airfreight prices for a commodity. If I am significantly overweight then I should pay more for my journey, after all it is the fuel we are paying for isn't it? It has always galled me that some 20+ stone behemoth gets the same seat price I do and the same luggage allowance, where is my 10 stone extra allowance? I am subsidising the flight for these lard asses!!!

To see that an airline has thrown a normal sized farepaying passenger off their flight makes me MAD!!!
Sue the fuck out of them !!!

H/T to Caractacus for the second pictureand this link FAT FUCKS FLYING 2


Caratacus said...

Indy, don't know if you've seen this:

How the fuck did the trolley-dollys get past?

Indyanhat said...

Caractacus, thanks for that link, I had not seen it but the article brings up exactly my 'beef' on it all why are the airlines offering cut price second seats? why are the airlines refunding if plane not full, its all a farce why am I not given a rebate if the plane is not full as well then???Bastards all, and the fat bastards are bastards too!