Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Exxon given go ahead for BP take-over!!!

I hope we are all watching with interest the new developments in the BP oil spill fiasco, it was with a certain sense of inevitability and deep suspicion that I read yesterday that the American Government (read Capitalist Rapists) have given the nod to Exxon  for a 100 billion take over bid for the beleagured BP, which has been continuously slagged off by the same administration for the last few months.

Does anyone else see a pattern emerging here, sorry not emerging!, it is now fully formed and out in the bright light of day!. Is it not obvious that the American government  (in all its forms) has been cornering the Oil producers all around the world by whatever means is needed/necessary?

Again we have a disaster scenario which 'forces' the seemingly oh so reluctant government to step in and sequester the OIL reserves and production facilities to themselves.

Remember this from 3 weeks ago?


I ran the story on UK NEWS NETWORK (sorry I missed the comments folks, and the link didn't link! will try again on this post for you, see bottom of page)

Can there be any doubt left that the good ol USofA is prepared to do whatever it takes including killing its own and polluting the entire ecosystem in its mad lunge to completely dominate the reserves that are out there beyond their control?

I can see it...if you look you can see it too...the problem is what can be done about it?
Whilst we are diverted here by the EU, our idiot politicians and their own little carpetbagging agenda, and idiots like Raoul Moat, the USof A are trying to buy out one of Britains best ever assets, even though they half own it anyway. What will happen to the PENSIONS which are tied to BP if it is taken over by Exxon? I am sure whatever happens 'we' will come out as net losers in the end!

We are watching the dissolution of what we thought of as the British Isles and all its power is being drained away, all its wealth and its ability to govern itself!.  Sold down the river by the political classes, Bliar was the worst culprit he got far too chummy with the corporate criminals that run America, now he is reaping the rewards of his treachery and we are suffering the consequences, but do not just blame him!, the subsequent governments after Bliar are continuing the rape of the British Isles and its population, THEY DO NOT GIVE A TINKERS FUCK about us!

America waits ...until November to get rid of OBUMMER, yet who will they get instead? More of the same old, same old I fear, for now it seems too late for us the people to do anything but cry over spilt milk/oil/blood!
THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE folks, now we can enjoy the fruits of our own dis-engagement and let us face it...IDIOCY! (lets face it , too many colours of opinion and not enough unity of purpose, thats how they have gained the victory)

The part of the article on the BP black ops is about a third of the way down the page, although it all makes very educational reading!

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