Friday, 9 July 2010

Breaking news on the Moat front!!

watching the news as Mr Raoul Moat is surrounded and holding a gun to his own head,

I have to admit to being wrong earlier when I wrote that I believed that the Police would shoot him dead as soon as they saw him... there appears to be a reticence in the mix now and the Police (fair play to them ) are trying to negotiate with the man  concerned.
What the outcome will be as darkness falls is anybodies guess.. There has been a stand off situation for the last hour or so...

I can only hope that the Police act as Peace Officers as opposwd to enforcers... they seem to be trying to do the right thing...

What will happen now???

There seems to be a difficult situation in that the Policfe do not seem to have a clear shot at the fugitive...

The police have been very busy crashing cars into themselves trying to get to the scene (surely that must be dangerous driving?) It would seem that there is little hope that Mr Moat will be able to escape this situation to continue this vendetta against the police, the police have completely cornered him and unless he points the gun at someone other than himself then they will NOT open fire at him... will he die tonight  or not? your guess is as good as mine!!!

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