Sunday, 1 August 2010

Well done Dave !!! (Thats a bit of sarcasm)

For a moment there, when I saw this picture, I thought all my dreams had come true at once!!!

Then I realised it was just a dummy (is there a difference?)

I quailed at iDaves world tour and the headlines that accompanied it, and knew that no good could come from it all.

It beggard belief that in one country he was courting the Muslims, whilst in the next he was alienating them, were the mixed messages given on purpose Davey? was it done on the orders of the Imposter on high 'Barry Soetero', or are you just a complete fucking liability to everyone , especially us here in Britain.

I can think of no better way of annoying and possibly radicalising the Pakistani population here, than the stupid remarks you made whilst visiting India.

You appear to be one of those people that says whatever they think the listeners want to hear, you did it to us first, and now you are doing it all over the world!!

Are you really stupid enough to think that your words would not be reported around the globe, are you stupid enough to think that there would be no rammifications to those words?

So now the Pakistani's have pulled out of security talks...very bright of you Dave!

Like it or not they were supposed to be part of the ongoing WAR on TERROR, now it looks like we could see even more terrorism hitting our streets, and all because of you Davey.

I think I understand, I think that 'more terrorism' here is what you were aiming for, that way you get to keep control and tighten the hated noose of surveillence on the British people, not so much a false flag attack as a Treasonous liability episode!

You are not fit for purpose Davey and should be removed ASAP!....CUNT!

Ps love the David Camroon Poster boys!


subrosa said...

Spot on Indy. The worst result of all his verbosity is that the security talks will not take place. That will be a massive blow to our security/intelligence services, believe me.

Indyanhat said...

One would think Rosie that the Intelligence people would tell the Security people to arrange a quiet accident for the Idiot people that get into power in this country, it would make their job so much easier!

Billy said...

People like Cameron must be very stupid, if he does not know already, that it is the US that is playing the double game here. That was why they did 911 to incite terrorism - and just who is behind most of these terrorists in the first place?

Indyanhat said...

It is always a case of follow the money, and it always leads back to the bankers and politicians who rule us doesn't it! Bastards!
And yes he could be that stupid ,I have never liked the chinless toff anyway!