Monday, 5 July 2010

A Referendum? Dave you do surprise me!!!

Here we are a few weeks into your coalition lash up and we hear that you have agreed, as part of your horse trading, for a referendum on changing our constitution...I have to admit to being quietly GOBSMACKED (sorry did not mean to shout!) a small minority holds the balance of power and you immediately cave in to a referendum that will change our voting system forever...

Dave ...may I just ask...why when a large MAJORITY of the British people were demanding a say via referendum over our constitution and its powers being given away to the EU did you not give us the referendum you had at one stage promised us?

I find it incredible that you are so fuck witted and so dismissive of the populace you say you represent! I would imagine that the LibDems, if their votes were all added together from the seats they won , would not come anywhere near the total of those who were crying out for a referendum on the EU! Why have they got what they want and we have not?

If you had offered a referendum on the EU as a promise in your election campaign then I (and others) believe you would have got in with a huge majority instead of being hamstrung and held to ransom by a bunch of opportunist no hopers as is the position today!

Why do none of you politicians listen to the voice of the people you supposedly represent? Why do you ignore us Dave?

Frankly , I for one do not want you and your coalition messing with MY constitution AT ALL until you have listened and fixed the obvious problem that we face today, namely the abrogation of our sovereignty to an unelected and criminal organisation who are unaccountable to anyone! When they (the EU) have had their accounts signed off (all 15 years of them) then maybe I will be happy for my government to do business with them until that time I WISH YOU TO HAVE NO DEALINGS WITH THEM AT ALL!!!!

How can we the people convince you that we should be listened to over this?

Show some decency and run a referendum on the EU before you mess with our constitution and take notice of what we the people will tell you, though I suspect you already know the answer to that one don't you Dave?...WE WANT OUT!! and our sovereignty back, give it to us NOW!


Barking Spider said...

Unfortunately, I think it requires force, Indy, a full-on revolution with the support of the army, mate - oh, wait - the army is safely out of the way in Afghanistan.... hmmm?!!!

Indyanhat said...

eah mate hey are well out of the way aren't they!, Its time for a military coup methinks but where are the military?