Friday, 9 July 2010

Why the almighty rush to get a Moat?

The rozzers, hundreds of em, are all over the particular part of the country Mr Moat is supposed to be hiding out in, kitted to the max in bullet proof this and that and even (at huge cost to the taxpayer) shipped armoured cars from NI, still they haven't found him

So what do they do...try harder to tighten the cordon?

NO! time honoured fashion honed from years of avoiding violent scenes, while violence is ongoing, and only turning up hours after the perpetrators have flown the coop, they have quietly backed off. Preffering instead to call out the SAS and for fucks sake 'fly overs' by Tornado jets with heat seeking devices (as if that is going to show much other than bunch after bunch of scared shitless coppers hiding where they feel safest...)

The reason they are escalating the find Mr Moat campaign is somewhat different to the usual  he is a danger to society line (as indeed he may well be) I for one think it has more to do with every day, hour, minute that Mr Moat manages to evade capture or death, there is a section of the British public that thinks "go on my son, you show the bastards" and as this opinion set swells the police are shitting themselves that others may take up the flag  when it is ultimately dropped from the lifeless hands of Mr Moat.

Make no mistake there will be NO attempt to take this man alive, they have already decided that a kill from a sniper at half a mile is what is needed, for everyones safety !

Mr Moat is turning into a latter day Robin Hood/William Wallace type of figure in the minds of too many people who sympathise with his anger, regardless of the rights or wrongs of such views, that is what the police are so afraid of because they know their heavy handed arrogance over the last few years has engendered a simmering attitude of resentment against them. They have revelled in their role as subjugators and final arbiters of the law, when in fact in most cases they are merely abusing the law as it stands for their own targets and sadistic pleasure.

Do not misunderstand I support the police when they act as PEACE OFFICERS but that is a role they left behind them many years back. They do do a very hard and difficult job which has many things within it that you or I would quail at doing, attending road accidents etc peace officering again, its when they are policy and rule enforcers that they rub virtually every part of society up the wrong way. They chose their path through the leadership and lobbying of the unelected unnacountable ACPO organisation , who have argued for more and more police powers and exhorted their member forces to fulfil stupid and discriminatory legislation on otherwise harmless citizens

This is not forgotten from those that they have hung out to dry in the wind, and it is little wonder that Mr Moat is becoming somewhat of a legend among certain of the more put upon sections of our out Mr Policeman there are many, many Mr Moats out there who are watching and laughing at your seeming incompetance , and I wonder if they are just sort of keeping score, to see how many 'he' gets, then Mr Policeman be worried for the next one will be trying to better that score!!

I blame too many video games... and the way YOU have policed over the last 20 years. You would have far more support from the public if you had known, understood and stayed within the law yourselves and ruled with a lighter touch, few revel in repression...


AdamS said...

It's embarassing for the state because they always tell us how wonderful it is that our all powerful, loving government (i.e. 'god') is watching over us 24/7 and protecting us from all these threats.

And their true impotence is exposed by one determined nutter.

It lets us know how much power we really have. For that reason and that reason alone, I like this saga.

Indyanhat said...

It si an ineresting little fracas is it not, the various dynamics being played out are fascinating to watch!

I know it is a tragic scenario on many levels as well ...but there are so many who are watching this it should send shivers of dread down the spines of the authorities! Better by far that it was ended swiftly like the Cumbria episode, the longer it goes on the more the public will realise what a bunch of cowardly twats we have enforcing the law, once upon a time they would have put a line of police together and just walked through like beaters driving pheasant onto the guns!(and once upon a time the public would have volunteered as well) but those were the days police were real live humans as well instead of the jumped up robocops they are today, all swagger and arrogance over people who are NOT going to protect themselves!!!
Thanks for the comment AndyS, yes we have the power IF we will but exercise it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear

fraser said...

Yes hear hear Indy! I was going to do a bit about this,but cant be bothered now,The old bill have gone way over the top here,Armoured vehicals from N.Ireland,SWAT teams from the MET,Tornado jets for fuck sake he aint Jason bourne.This is only becuase he said he was going to kill coppers!Now in the MSM the OB are trying to scare people into believing he is a threat to them in his letter that was released to the press he clearly states who he is targeting,coppers.

Indyanhat said...

agreed Fraser, it is a vey strangely fascinating situation, why the Police need so much firepower/backup is anybodies guess!
Writing it up as it happens now!!!