Saturday, 3 July 2010

Contacting me (dealing with spammers)

To all my valued readers, since putting my e.mail add. on my page I have suffered an influx of semi interesting SPAM!
To my knowledge no one who has sent me a message was a serious correspondent (though I may be wrong in this assumption) and on a quick perusal of the subject lines of the mail, I have taken the decision to DELETE all without opening;
Dr Umbongo, I am not interested thanks anyway!
Isasoa (or whatever you called yourself) I thank you for declaring me the winner (twice ) of £950,000, though I find it unlikely that I have done so , having not entered any competition for either BMW or Mercedes Benz, so again NO thank you!
To the various ladies that send subject lines such as "I look forward to hearing from you dear", I do not know you and will not engage with you on any level let alone e.mail!
Windows LIVE tm "dear account holder" I am an account holder, I expect you at least to manage to get into my inbox, again NO !

The point of this posting readers is this, if I have not seen a comment from yourself on my blog and a warning that you are going to e.mail me (with some idea of a subject line) then your e.mail will be deleted. I am sorry it has to be this way but I have to protect my computer from threats from the idiot spammers out there!

Miss whiplash I hope you were serious and will get in touch properly so we can talk!
Anonymous, even if there were pictures like that of me, publish and be damned, I may have a computer but I am not rich enough to pay anyone off...TWAT!


Corrugated Soundbite said...

I've been using Gmail for my blog. I consider it the lesser of a number of evils as it ties in with all my other logins (Blogger, Documents, etc) and has a good spam filter on it.

Seems the Hotmail accounts are still the prize trophy for the spambots.

fraser said...

Indy i have the same problem i get about 8 messages in my spam box per day.

The Grim Reaper said...

Hotmail does seem to have got worse lately for spam, I've noticed.

Currently, I've got two email addresses. One is for personal correspondence and the other is for my forthcoming blog. I also have one with Yahoo, but I'm in the process of shifting all the accounts that I've got where that's the e-mail address. Their spam filters are almost non-existent.

Spam seems to be one of the inevitable things in life now, alongside death and taxes. Sad.

Indyanhat said...

Thank you gentlemen,
CS, I also have private and blog addresses so no real problem there ,it's just a tad annoying, I do remember seeing someones contact add. with the @ symbol replaced by (at) the word, may have been Subrosa's, I presume that was to stop the spamming will have to try it out!
Fraser have you won £950,000 as well!!! LOL
Grim Reaper, I look forward to your forthcoming blog, any idea when its likely to be up and running...leave me a comment on here when it is and I'll pop by for a butchers!, and bung you a link (for what that will be worth, as I am a less travelled site as yet, it may help get you a few readers, who can tell)

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy! I hope the spammers stop bothering you.
I get spammy comments alot, but my comment thingy filtewrs them out after they are blocked one time.

I hope you are having a nice summer so far, and thanks for the 4th of July Greeting! It wasn't as happy for me this year, knowing that maniac obummer is defiling the white house, but at least he didn't show up on the PBS special I watch! Take care and stay cool.

Indyanhat said...

There are less since I changed the contact address thanks Bunni, it is the price you pay I suppose for venting your opinions on the net.