Tuesday, 27 July 2010

David 'Hussein' Cameron

What is it with the leaders(sic) of the Western World are they ALL closet Muslims?

Where is the Tory Backbone? when the election failed to show a clear majority for the Tories it wasn't time to ditch all their principles and turn into snivelling sychophantic grovelling apologists. It was time to drive HARD bargains and lead the country.

But what do we get? we get a decidedly pale imitation of Tony Blair!

I despair, I really do, there is NO HOPE of real leadership from ANY of THESE PEOPLE, they are all as bad as each other, selling us the British people to the highest bidder and making a laughing stock of our once proud nation.

WE do not wish to be in the EU Dave! when will you get your thick cunting head around that small fact!

We do not want to subsidise more failed economies and we do not want an islamic dictatorship as one of our partners at all!!! Turkeys Human Rights record is worse than lamentable, but our governments have turned a blind eye to it for years, is it all alright now because you have consistently ignored the abuses that have gone on...Turkey is more in the Islamic camp than it is in ours,, did they let us go through their Northern Border to invade Iraq, did they let us fly through their airspace then...NO!!!

Why are you kissing arse everywhere in the world? why are you bending Britain over a table to be shafted by all and sundry? 

You sir are not a TORY you are a craven coward and from the first I knew you would only bring us grief. We cannot rely on any of the standard 3 political parties to represent our interests (junior partner indeed, you patronising snivelling toad, tell that to the massed graves of OUR fallen before the Yanks bothered to get involved.)

I had little respect for you in the beginning, I have none at all for you now, I wonder who would get in if a new election was called tomorrow!

I pray to god it would be 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' and UKIP or even the BNP got elected for as far as I can see these two parties are the only ones that truely represent the views of the British people and want to protect this Island of ours from the horrors of the unelected criminal EU friends you and the other two mainstream parties brownnosingly court as friends!


Original piece here The Mail and also comment here Subrosa and here Old Righty


Anonymous said...

My Dad watched the Battle of Britain, from a hillside just outside Torquay. The Spitfires and Me.109's would chase each other's tails and Dad said they were so low at times you could see the ejected bullets casings falling, like petals, to the ground.

The smell of battle too, drifting across Torbay half an hour after one had killed the other. A victory role over the quay if it was ours, a burst from a 20mm canon, up the bloody high street, if it was theirs.

In 1940 we stood alone, if Cameron doesn't know that then we really are fucked.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy. It's very horrible that dave is just more of the same. It's all the same with these globalist warmongers. He'll nver wise up at this point.
I hope obummer's horrible ideas didn't rub off on him when he visited. At least he gave the kenyan imbecile a crappy painting.

I hope we grows a spine and shapes up. But, I won't hold my breath.

subrosa said...

You're right Indy, the three main parties are clones. The choices are now limited as you say. This really is scary.

Catosays said...

If Dave persists in this appalling arse-licking, then he'll be removed by his party....and pretty damn soon too.

As I've said on my little blog, he was never my man of choice but the least worst option.

There'll be a mutiny before too long.

Indyanhat said...

Steve, I am genuinely appalled by Camerons comments, history is being re-written in the American image again and again, there is little truth left out there and Camerons ignorance of what Britain went through and did before the Yanks came is I think sufficient to have him removed from post immediately!!!Insulting bastard!!!

Bunni, it amazes me that the spineless goon should be towing the American line, especially as it is us who this will impact on the most He will never grow a spine of his own, I know that!pity he cannot borrow a bit of backbone from the ones who gave their lives for our freedom in the Second World War!

Subrosa, it should have been apparent to anyone that the 3 main parties were all the same, for the last 30 odd years or more they have been agreeing with one another and supporting each others bills and statute stances, how many 'bad' laws have ever been repealed by ANY party. They should all be shot or hung and a new start made ...out of the EU!!!

Cato, the least worst option sums it up nicely but really he/they were not an option, option inferrs a choice there has been no choice just a sort of public ignorance shuffle between the only shit there is on offer. Shit always smells no matter what its colour!

What strikes me more than anything else is the way that the people of the USA and Britain are so quickly dis-abused of their new leaders. There was a brief period of hope in both countries which died suffocated by the complete treachery of the new leaders about face over the things that really matter, tinkering round the edges keeps some of the people happy but the scewdriver is still the screwdriver and it is still screwing us!!!

Caratacus said...

Spot on Indy!

I am stricken in years now but I've been banging on about the lack of difference between the main parties since Enoch Powell was advising us all to vote Labour as an anti-EEC gesture.... I doubt even McSnot remembers that.

I'm not sure that the general drift towards mediocrity and the eventual subordination of Britain into the EU can be averted. I hope sincerely that I'm wrong! All I have as one man is a vote every four or five years and a willingness to chuck the fuckers into the river given the smallest opportunity.

Indyanhat said...

Caractacus, Mr Enoch Powell was a very astute and intelligent man demonised for speaking his mind, although I have not read a great deal of his works, wherever I have run across him and what he had to say I have found him to be both erudite and well balanced.
It is a shame that the PC brigade of then and now do not/did not pay more heed to his words, virtually all that I have ead that he said was to come to pass, has come to pass and we now look on the wasteland that marginalising him and his thinking has led to.
Even my father (a lifelong Labour man) addmitted freely that Enoch Powell was a formidable thinker who caught the nub of the question squarely before most of his contemporaries even knew that a question was going to be asked!
What price a politician like that today eh!, instead we have watched the slide into mediocrity that leaves us powerless in the face of aggression by wimps!!!