Monday, 19 July 2010

Bliar and doesnt care we know it!

I have waited a couple of days to post this as I wanted to see what sort of outcry there was here out in the blogosphere, trouble is there has not been one and I wonder why that is...

Has everyone grown tired of the old Blair baiting that went on or is it a case of everyone finally giving up on the hope of ever having this man answer for his crimes. For it seems it does not matter how blatantly this man rubs our collective faces in the proverbial shit, it would seem no one any longer posseses a working sense of smell therefore its not really shit is it, its just a bit of mud.

I am not sure now what to say on Bliars meeting with Gaddafi, about his ever more obvious conflict of interests with the people of this nation, about the reek of hypocrasy that comes flowing like a river of effluent from the man whatever he does or says...

In between wanting to write this piece originally and actually doing it today, I read a long and somewhat dry piece over at Cap'n Ranty's place which, though old news now, seems to be an echo of my feelings, it really is worth a read and following the links provided as it so acurately describes our own pet psycho/sociopath Tony Bliar and his other governmental friends of all political parties who are in continual power in this country.

The Gaddafi meeting should be suspicion enough to look for the proofs and bring Bliar to book for his double dealing betrayal of this country, but there never seems enough impetus from anyone who can bring about his downfall, is he just too rich now or is it because of his powerful sociopathic friends that we do not see him in the dock!

Only a couple of days prior to that piece there was another on the torture of British citizens wherein the paper trail leads straight back to Bliar and Number 10, obvious lies and misleadings of Parliament have so far gone unchallenged...perhaps for the reasons Cap'n R blogged about, but I wonder if it is just a malaise that has settled on the once proud British people that they are just glad to see the back of him and do not want to sit through having the dirty washing cleaned in public!

Personally , I feel sickened to the core by all of it and am beginning to wonder what the point of blogging about it really is, perhaps I should just stop thinking about it all and realise that some things (to me they are the most important ones) that make us human are now beyond our reach....


fraser said...

Indy, i did see it and thought about blogging something,but i didn't im glad you have.Blair is mixing in the circles now of untouchable people,the forked tongue type of,well,not realy people but reptillians.I think i'm getting tired of trying to wake people up.Well thats the mood i have been in recently.

Indyanhat said...

I know what you mean Fraser, it seems that there is no one really listening, or caring enough to comment, if it wasn't for your input I may have given up a while back and started a recipe blog far from the maddening crowd, I thank you for your constancy!

Barking Spider said...

Spot on - some people just don't want to wake up - ignorance is bliss.

Then we have the other side of the coin - the governments and the Lefty MSM who don't want people to wake up and deliberately set out to cover up the truth!

And let's not forget the trolls who deliberately set out to hijack comment threads by turning them towards another subject entirely while attempting to ridicule the real truth!

I hate lying Lefties and no longer have any patience with them.

But those are the very reasons to keep blogging, Indy. ;-)

Indyanhat said...

Morning BS, you are my other commenterand I apreciate your prescence (and blog).

I intend to keep blogging but like Fraser I think we find it a lonely slog, if I am the last blogger around picking up on Bliar then so be it , pick up on him I will!!!

Amusing Bunni said...

I think this stinks too, Indy.
These criminals get away with everything.

"Leaders" now pal around with terrorists and are BFF's with dictators. What can you do, just write about it,
nothing will change, but it helps to have a rant.
I hope your week is good so far.

Indyanhat said...

My week is all the better for your few encouraging words Bunni, thank you!
Whoever originally said "follow the money" was completely right!, and that is what ALL our poiticians do, 'follow the money', bastards every one!