Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bliars Blood Money Deposits

Since 2001and the start of this ill-judged and illegal invasion of a soveriegn nation 310 British Soldiers have lost their lives, fighting for what? To line the pockets of Tony Bliar and his wife...

It is with deep sadness that I post this picture of the ones who have given their all in the name of profit, there was no justification for this venture, our country had NOT been attacked and we were at little risk.

The saddest part of all is that we, the people of this country, are now at far greater risk than prior to the onset of hostilities!

I am prompted to mark here on this blog, my sorrow and sympathies to all the families who have lost a loved one, by the blogging of another who lists each loss as it occurs. I am unable to bring myself to comment on those blogs of hers as my anger at the man who caused all these deaths would lead me to say something which may be seen as innapropriate to the subject at hand!

Never before in British history has the life of any British serviceman or woman been so callously wasted for the personal gain of a British Prime Minister! 

Tony Blair should face a firing squad for what he has done and for the profiteering he has done on the back of those actions.

I have never agreed with this venture and I never will, there is NO way anyone can convince me it was a just or right thing to do.

Having said that, I must also say, that I have the greatest of respect for our fighting forces and would not wish to see any of those who stand ready to defend our country harmed if it is possible to keep them safe! That they are where they are and are paying the ultimate price for the deceitful lying of the last government and it's leaders is not their fault and until they are recalled I am afraid Blairs Blood Money Bank will see many more deposits of the lives of our troops!


The above picture comes from Channel 4 News
The blogger who prompted this is here, SUBROSA

May they rest in peace.

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