Saturday, 10 July 2010

Death by Taser!! Raoul Moat was he unlawfully killed?

I am completely gobsmacked by the news just released today and given to me by my mate Fraser, that the Police who had completely surrounded and contained the threat from a man armed with a shotgun. A man who was pointing his gun at himself threatening to kill himself, not threatening anyone else it would seem!

That made it a simple waiting game NOTHING more NOTHING less, all they had to do was keep him contained and talk him down.

This they chose not to do, they could have given him drugged drink and food to put him to sleep but someone, someone had the bright idea of TASERING him. Was this an order from the senior Police officer in charge or was it on the lone initiative of one of the officers who was a bit pissed off with waiting in the dark and rain and was prepared to forgo a little overtime pay to be able to sod off home and have a bath and a nights kip?

I am not happy at all with either possibility, if the former, orders from a senior officer then did they not know what the effects of Tasering someone are?

For those who do not know ...the Police claim it paralyses the subject, that is only partly true, the paralisation actually follows a massive whole body muscular contraction, and Mr Moat with his finger on the trigger and gun pointing at himself was only going to see/experience one outcome of such an action, that was the discharge of the weapon he held.

Can this be anything but deliberate murder of an otherwise fairly well neutralised threat, I don't think so. If a line of dominoes leads up to the trigger of an atom bomb which is held by someone and someone else knocks over the first domino who set off the bomb the person holding it or the domino toppler?

If the latter option of some bored with it all copper taking it on his own initiative to discharge , whether deliberately or accidentally, that person is guilty of murder, we expect more from our so called defenders than that sort of action. Go to jail move directly to jail and do not pick up £200 as you pass go!

I have little doubt that a police force that can get away with killing a completely innocent man who was NO threat to anyone by shooting him several times in the head at point blank range, I refer to John Charles De Menezes here, will have little trouble justifying last nights action and whitewashing the whole affair out of existence!!!

I am afraid that NO ONE can feel safe with armed idiots running around the country , all hopped up on how righteous they are as arbiters of the law. It must be time to call ENOUGH and take ALL such devices out of the hands of the ordinary run of the mill police person, we need highly trained people in charge of weapons of death IF we are going to allow them to have them at all.

I do not 'buy' the argument that they need to be armed with the arms they have, from mace, through tasers to guns, the British people are not in the majority violent gun toting criminal psychopaths. Yes there are those in society who can and do use guns to hold the world to ransom in their criminal endeavours, but the answer is not less arms on our streets but more...we should all have the right to defend ourselves and our communities from the bastards that use weapons against us for their personal gain! They might think twice about shooting someone if they realised that at least some of the people who witnessed the crime would fire back!!!

As for the Police and even our government, this must not be covered up this was an unlawful killing and must be dealt with appropriately, if it is swept under the carpet again then we ALL need to fear any Police person carrying a gun or Taser...and I mean fear for your life!!!


fraser said...

Well Indy you have that of your chest,we won't know whats really happened for years,we will get little snipets ahd rumours in the media.But i think they (the old bill) have fucked up

Indyanhat said...

Yes Fraser, there seems little doubt about that to me,
My internet has been down since the last posting and I have been watching the news and the cover up has already started from what I can see, the papers pretty much all go with the official line, only the Sun i think it was say the tasering was to blame..
We will have to as you say wait and see!

AdamS said...

I wouldn't say they made a mistake. You said it yourself, they didn't want him alive.

eg, the surviving bank robber in the North Hollywood shootout 1997 was left to a similar fate, where police did everything they could to delay the medics and let him bleed out. Died at the scene.

The police are a gang just like any other, and anyone who touches a gang member invites special vengeance.

Indyanhat said...

Very true AdamS, there was no intention of keeping this one alive,
I give the mistake option as an attempt at even handedness in my arguments, it little profits one to be too one sided and I think it does a lot to turn certain readers off from the points you are trying to make if they cannot see the balance and themselves judge it wanting!

You and I 'know' perhaps a little more than the general reading public and can draw our own conclusions!

Anonymous said...

After listening to the audio as it happened, you can hear the gunshot then immediately after the Police screaming like stuck pigs out of control. It just goes to show how poorly trained and disciplined they really are. We have 18 year old squaddies in real hotspots around the world much much better trained than them with twice the danger and only half the pay.