Thursday, 15 July 2010

Balancing the book, PC David Rathband...

Last night I watched an interview with PC David Rathband, victim of the shotgun wielding Raoul Moat, I have been waiting to hear more of this part of the story and to tell the truth was surprised to see him make a statement so soon.

His quiet dignity and measured tone showed me what a brave man that he is, his determination to recover and return to service in his obviously beloved Police force speaks volumes.

This is the face of the cool head that I have been writing about wanting to see in our Police, I have nothing but admiration for this man who though seriously injured tried under extreme duress to do all the right things. I watched and listened to his account of what he believed at the time were probably his last moments in this life, his immediate concern was to let his fellow officers know what had happened and where Raoul Moat was, to try to ensure that this chain of events would be no longer than absolutely neccessary.

It was easy to feel the emotion welling inside him at the thought of not being ever again in the arms of his wife and family and I for one choked up when he talked of that fear and choked on it. I had hoped to put that interview with him in this post but could not find it on Youtube, so the press release from his brother will have to speak for him.

PC Rathband and his brother show the dignity this situation demands, in complete contrast to the media frenzy over the other side and the statements made by Moats brother. Mr Darren Rathband  reitterates his brothers previous statement and also gives the news that David will be welcomed back to service with the force whenever he feels he is ready.

There were no accusations, no railing against the injustice of what had befallen his brother, just a bare statement and then he slips away through the crowd . Two very brave and dignified men who's calibre we could all do well to emulate!

I cannot for a moment imagine Raoul Moat even attempting to pick himself up from such a situation, indeed he preferred to use violence rather than sort his life out and become a man!

I wish PC Rathband a speedy recovery and hope that medical science will one day be able to give him his sight back, so he may enjoy his world and family once again. He deserves that, Good Luck David!

Some sense and perspective from Anna Raccoon


Amusing Bunni said...

There are some brave and good police officers out there, Indy, and PC Rathband is certainly one.

I hope he gets his sight back someday too.
It is very sad he and his fam ilyhave to go through this.

Indyanhat said...

There is good aand bad in everything Bunni, PC Rathbands' attitude says it all, he is a very brave man and worth far more than the idiot who shot him.
The Police as a force for good are needed in society but the way the government has legislated and manipulated , setting policing targets and making them a political force has both tied their hands and allowed the wrong attitude to prosper to the cost of 'true' peace officering!
Hopefully we may yet return to good policing!

Barking Spider said...

Another good reason to applaud Moat's demise, Indy, for once justice prevailed.

Indyanhat said...

Yes BS justice, we do not need 'mad dogs' running around killing/attempting to kill people in our society and ther is no doubt that the 'punishment has fitted the crime', there was never going to be a 'good' outcome to this affair from the beginning, but his death seems to be (however it occurred) about right!

James Higham said...

Haven't really got into this one so this was interesting reading - a bit of perspective.

Indyanhat said...

I am glad you found it of some use JH, t seemed to me that something should be said on the subject...
However I see a report that PC Rathband actually 'did' Moat for scrap metal dealing, so I am left wondering if Moat actually was settling old scores there or if it was just coincidence?, we will never know I suppose...

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for the way you have passed comment.
My brother is grateful for all the support he has been shown, and I for all the well wishes that I have received on his behalf.
I wish I could turn back the clock but that will never be possible.
David continues to remain strong when we all falter, but he carries us along.
I have now returned to Australia and will be back to help my brother in the near future.
Its been one hell of a month for us all.
Thanks for all your positive messages.
Darren Rathband

Indyanhat said...

Darren Rathband, Just back from a tiring trip away (see elsewhere on my pages) I was totally suprised by finding your comment,and I thank you for taking the time to both find and comment on this piece I wrote.
I remain completely in awe of your brothers statement at the time, and also deeply impressed by your later press release.
There are no words that I can say that make much sense in a situation such as the one that your brother and all your family are facing, you have my sympathies for what they are worth.
That I should be moved to 'balance the books' as I did was 'only right and proper' in the face of both of your statements, for I had written much that was unflattering of the police actions (to say the least).

My tribute (for such it was) was for the sheer guts and bravery of two obviously very fine and dignified men, would that I could command the friendship of such as yourselves.
I hope that you all are doing 'better' than can be expected and that David is recovering as best he may and as quickly as is possible. My prayers(again for what they are worth)are with you!