Tuesday, 6 July 2010

When a Moat isn't a safety factor!

Who is to blamed for the rampage which is unfolding in the N.East, where one man Raoul Moat has declared war on the Police!

There were warnings apparently, the prison authorities knew before his release that he was a 'clear and present danger', and yet he was still released to go and meet out his retribution on those he perceived of as having been against him. Crystallising this hate upon the Police force which he see's as preying on society at large unfairly.

There is no doubt that Mr Moat is a seriously deranged person, but surely we have to address the underlying problem here. He is not alone in his detestation of the Police, many in society believe they have just reason to hate them for the way that they enforce the unfair criminalising laws which have been passed over the last decade or so.

We are perhaps lucky that most people draw the line at shooting/killing in their revulsion at the way in which we are governed and the subsequent enforcement of that governance by the Police. The question we have to be addressing is "how many more Moats are waiting in the wings to exact their vengeance on our society?".

I in no way condone such behaviour, let that be understood, but at the same time I feel that there is a definite mood across society that wants its vengeance to be done. Are we watching not a lone action by a deranged individual, but rather the first in a wave of long repressed ill feeling becoming visible?

Discontent runs deep in this our society, it has been festering for years now , with the erosion of all of our freedoms by government after government. There is a large part of society that does not see the political process as a viable vehicle for the introduction of much needed change for the better, having been betrayed time and time again by the liars and sycophants in government. The sense of injustice runs deep and strong, and the MP's reticence to address this feeling when caught red handed in the expenses scandal only makes the anger worse!

I feel it and many I know feel it, yet we are for the most part the moderate part of this society, preferring pen and paper to the sword and shotgun. The thing is if we feel the pulse of this hatred of authority within society then how strong must it actually be in the sink estates and other deprived and crime ridden parts of this country?

As a blogger I read and watch a great deal of different stuff about peoples dissatisfaction here in the UK and elsewhere. Videos of hordes of people at demonstrations with their anger emblazoned on their faces for all to see, if they would but look!. Inflammatory language is everywhere today and the moderates of this society are becoming more and more marginalised and even threatened by both the extremists and the authorities that are supposed to protect us and our British way of life.

British way of life eh!, that is long since gone, our freedoms stripped from us including the freedom to object to that which we disagree with, always minorities 'must not be challenged' or we are racist or sexist or some other PC bullshit term which in reality is just stripping us of our right to be normal British people doing what the British people have always done.

Well here is a minority that is so monumentally pissed off that he has taken the law into his own hands and fully expects to pay with his own life for the 'priviledge' to have done so. Perhaps he thinks it may make others, who would use the laws of this country inequitably, think twice before doing so again, who knows?.

...but it is time to be worried that this is not a lone, isolated instance  for it is only a month or so since another man went mad remember!


opsimath said...

A great piece; it put into words what I have been thinking for days. I know you don't want a fan club, but thanks for making it so clear.

Indyanhat said...

Well thank you for your comment Opsimath, it is good to know someone reads the stuff I write, I do not suppose I am much different to a great many others in society and I just write it as it appears to me...

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