Thursday, 8 July 2010

Any doubts left about the NWO?

H/t to Barking Spider

Many bloggers are concerned about the coming NWO and what it is going to do to ALL our freedoms, it really is long past time for people to WAKE UP to what is being perpetrated by the international cadre of BANKER WANKERS and POLITICAL LICKSPITTLES, this video is not just of concern to the Americans, it should concern ALL of us!!

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the WAR ON TERROR is actually just the excuse for a WAR ON US. Who is to blame for all the DEBT, is it us the people or the BANKER WANKERS and the POLITICIANS that they control? We have little choice but to DO WHAT WE ARE TOLD for fear of repercussions (fines,bankruptcy etc) yet have we ever been bailed out with no strings attached by our government? the answer if you are struggling NO!!!

It puts me in mind of the old saying " What profit a man if he gains the world but looses his soul?". Well they (a few) are gaining the world and dominion over ALL  who reside in it, keeping us as just so many head of cattle to serve them in any way in which they may wish, to be thrown aside as soon as our usefulness is over like used tissues!

When will the people WAKE UP to what is going on?, I feel as if I can now really understand how the Nazi did what they did to the ordinary people. They were just simply hemmed in by their own wish for anonymity, by their desire not to be classified along with the wasters/dangerous etc who had to be weeded out of society and given the FINAL SOLUTION.  Too comfortable to raise their voices or heads above the parapet and challenge the truly EVIL bastards who wished to control everything!

I am no doubt on 'the hit list' for the things that I have the temerity to write here, but I would rather go to their 'SOLUTION' with my eyes open than sit in fear and slavery waiting for my usefulness to the system to end...

FUCK EM !!! screw the whole evil lot of them and I hope and I pray that there is a HELL where they WILL end up and spend eternity in agony as their reward for doing the work of and being THE DEVIL ON EARTH!!!

RISE UP NOW and refuse them your taxes to fight their ILLEGAL WARS, enter into peaceful LAWFUL REBELLION and deny them their solution and power base, have the COURAGE to refuse them and say NO now while you still have the chance to do so, for tomorrow WILL be TOO LATE!


Barking Spider said...

Good man, Indy, well said, mate!

Indyanhat said...

Youre the one that posted it BS, well done you!