Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So its Goodbye News Network and Hello Global Issues Site eh!

Just picked up the posting from the UK NEWS NETWORk that it is to close in favour of a more global perspective in a new format STORY HERE. I completely agree with Networks feelings in this regard, as the issues we face are no longer small state party political things , that has now passed sold down the river by the politicians who have doe themselves out of the power they craveso badly! There's no fix to that I can see.
But further out in the blogosphere there are international targets which badly need our addressing, BP's oil spill and OBUMMERS reaction, the Iranian war that is about to be started and the middle east crisis of Israel and Palestinian conflict ,. These are to name but a couple of the things that SHOULD be concerning ALL of us now.
It is time to widen our focus and take on the worlds problems as citizens of the world, it is time to show our brothers and sisters around the world that what we have to fight against is the same beast with many heads...
Thank You Network for all the work you have done on the UK NEWS site and all the stories you have led me to, without your help I would not have come this far yet, and I appreciate what you have done for me more than I can say here in print easily...If we evr meet mate prepare to be a very well inebriated person!!!!


Barking Spider said...

I have an awful feeling that all of this shit is intended to come together in 2012, Indy..... the resulting WW3 would go a long way towards implementing their despicable Agenda 21 programme - cunts!

Indyanhat said...

Yup Spidey,I couldn't agree with you more. 21 12 2012 is where/when it all hits the fan, its been working it's way up to it for a while now and the pace is accelerating
To tell the truth I will not be sorry to see the idiots in charge who think they will control it blown away like the chaff they really are, I believe they have vastly underestimated 'what' will occur at that time...
We are the luckiest generation of all for we get to witness the end of times...and no I am not particularly religiously inclined, the realist in me has just added it up and the conclusion is inescapeable
Look forward to blogging right up to the end with you (and a few others) my friend!