Wednesday, 16 June 2010


People I think you should be looking at this report and seeing how well it all gels with the vitriolic speechifying by the OBUMMER Pres of the GOOD OL' USofA...

Only ten days prior to the blowout, Halliburton conveniently snapped up a giant marine firefighting corporation for $250.00 million. Persistent suggestions that Goldman Sachs shorted Transocean immediately ahead of the blow-out refuse to be erased from the record, although we removed our initial reference to this pending further research. Most tellingly of all, as always occurs after these atrocities, the stories keep a-changing. There was no Deadman switch. Now, all of a sudden, it is reported that there WAS a Deadman blowout preventer. And to rub in BP’s humiliation, corporation executives are now reported to have been on board at a party to celebrate BP’s safety record, and the first explosion occurred in the room next to where the party was being held. This would have been known days ago, one would have thought.

Given former US criminal Vice President Richard B. Cheney’s integration with Halliburton, what are the odds that this was indeed a malicious sabotage operation against this prime British asset by the infuriated and utterly desperate Bush-CIA Crime apparat, in the face of the intense pressure that is continuing to be exerted on the Octopus by the British Monarchical Power? Clearly, they must be rated as exceptionally high. In this connection, given the extent of our partial knowledge of what is taking place behind the scenes in the context alluded to herein, all other ‘explanations’ for the blowout can be seen to serve the usual obfuscation and diversion objectives.

After all, the standard ‘Black’ counterintelligence procedure after each abomination has been perpetrated, is to seek to befuddle and bamboozle the necessarily confused general public with contradictory, conflicting, unprovenanced, anonymous, spoof, partial, inconsequential, fabricated and often deliberately provocative website lies and sequences, in order to ensure that gullible people run after the sterile red herrings served up for that purpose, so that the crucial facts that have been revealed are bypassed and ignored. As we have frequently pointed out, this is a far more sophisticated modus operandi than that applied by Dr Joseph Goebbels, whose method(replicated by the Soviets) was to repeat a single lie so relentlessly that it morphed into ‘the truth’.

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Amusing Bunni said...

I have not heard about this until you posted Indy. I think it's totally plausible. I would put nothing past these criminals. I'm sure obummer has LOTS to be blackmailed with. Great post.

Indyanhat said...

Glad you liked it Bunni!!
Have to say I have never liked the man since he came on to my radar...he was pushing all the right buttons when everybody desperatly wanted something to bring about change ,but HE just didn't convince me he was that difference, all I saw/heard screamed LIAR!!!