Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Honeymoon Period,and PMT

Well it didn't take long now did it?

Just like O'Bummer they have reneged on every promise they made prior to being elected, first of all it was "well we have had to make some compromises because both parties have to agree", yeah just like at a wedding when they say "I do".

...and the whole country was saying "Give theem a chance, they have only just got into bed together, I'm sure it will all work ot allright. Anything is better than the other lot".

NO, I''m sorry but anything is NOT better than the other lot!! What would be better than the other lot would be a party/parties that didn't lie through their teeth to get the contract and then completeely disregard the promises made, this marriage is more like a marriage of convenience where both parties say they're going to live together and then after the ceremony fuck off to differtent homes in different cars pocketing the cash for the wedding presents they hocked after the service!

Honeymoon period yeah!, so no sex then and no satisfaction for us the lied to population.


What I find hard to believe, like my friend GOT, is the absolute silence from the blogging community, are they all just so GOBSMACKED by this that they cannot protest!! BS left a comment on GOT's post saying it had been leaked for so long that we all knew the details and it was no surprise, no surprise?, what the fuck has that got to do with it mate, we are the ones who rip the shit out of lying politicians remember!

Were we surprised when GORDOOM pulled his dirty tricks at the election...NO!...and we still ripped the shit out of him and hisWhere have all my blogger mates gone to?...is it a question of JOB OVER, Gorgon's gone and now our party are in, we will just become part of the MSM and kowtow to the bastards , no matter how much they lie and decieve us?

Hang every last one of the lying scumbags!!! Let them be a lesson to those who wish to govern us!!!

I said it weeks back and I will say it again. THERE SHOULD BE NO HONEYMOON PERIOD FOR GOVERNMENTS their job is to govern not bask in the dusking light of some tropical fucking paradise isle while we poor fuckers left here suffer !! It should be 'straight on to the business at hand',namely sorting out the mess left by the last bunch of lying troughing bastards that warmed the seats of the government benches!

Every fucking one of them (on all sides of the house( have been off on a fucking holiday while we wait outside the headmasters office like naughty schoolkids expecting a caneing!, Well the caneing has started now they have had their little rest break and you know what? Even though I knew it was 'coming' even though it was no 'surprise', I for one do not like it one little bit!!...I was prepared to take SOME punishment for the Liebore deciets but I expected the bloated public sector to get hit first and very hard, you watch the government will cave in to the unions because they will strike, thats the trouble with us taxpayers though isn't it WE never strike!

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