Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I just have not been paying enough attention , as this story seems to have slipped past me in it's entirety a week or two ago!

I ask your forgiveness in this as I have been sort of tracking what goes on with the OBUMMER administration , though admittedly that has been about the BP Oil Spill, today I have found, which is strange as I would have thought to have seen it in other places by now and for it to have drawn comments from those on the net at least, but so far it has not crossed my radar!

Please read and enjoy the implications, I can in no way corroborate the information that you will see but I think you will be able to judge (and check) it for yourself if you feel the need.

I find the links between the OBUMMER/Bush camps particularly fascinating in light of the BP Oil Fiasco don't you...
Hat tip to World


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy, I had not seen or read about all of this.
Great find.....I'm sure it's all true, and then some.
I've been saying the WH is a criminal enterprise from the day he was inaugurated.

Nothing these scums do surprises me, at all!
It's just going to get worse and worse.

Indyanhat said...

Hope its of some use to you Bunni!
It really does beggar belief does it not?
Lets hoe he's rich enough to pay the bills!

Barking Spider said...

Bloody great find, Indy, I'm going to post a little bit about this - hat tipped and back-linked, mate. ;-)