Thursday, 17 June 2010

Liars every one of them, Bliar included!

Oh now we can see why they killed their own, now we can understand what was in it for them...
War on Afghanistan was inevitable...they just needed a cause, they needed a reason to invade and murder the inhabitants of a country far away. A country that in the popular imagination was just a dust bowl, a barren rocky mountainous region in the back of beyond.

Enter a CIA operative by the name of Bin Laden, and a triumvirate of criminals from the governments of the western world , eager to root out the 'terrorist base's', the same terrorists that they had funded for years to fight the Russians when they were in occupation.

Can you trust any of them? not an inch, no not one goddamned millimetre!

All of a sudden its BIG news that Afghanistan has vast mineral wealth resources, this we were told just over the last week or two, had recently been discovered by US geological teams....LIARS!!!

These riches have been common knowledge for 30 or more years or longer, did anyone seek to invest in the extraction of them when Afghanistan was existing reasonably peacefully with the rest of the world, sitting tending its poppy fields (virtually its only export) NO...NO one sought to help them enter the 20th century, they preferred to wait and then stage the most unbelievably callous act on their own people to give them an excuse to go to WAR!!!

My question is ...whats your end of it Tony Bliar? and yours G.W.Bush and your friends, what have you promised them for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghani's...You make me sick!

Read it here Market Oracle if you do not believe me and then add it up for yourselves...

Try this quote to whet your appetite;

iWhile public opinion has been fed images of poor war torn resourceless developing country, the results of these geological surveys are known. The issue of "previously unknown deposits" sustains a falsehood, it excludes Afghanstan's vast mineral wealth as a justifiable casus belli, by acknowledging that the Pentagon only became aware three years ago that Afghanistan was in fact among the World's most wealthy mineral economies, comparable to The Democratic Republic of the Congo or former Zaire of the Mobutu era. The Soviet geopolitical reports were known. The fact of the matter is that during the Cold War, all this information was known n minute detail:

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