Monday, 21 June 2010

England 0 Punchlines 3

All England games will be moved to the gay channel next week...
As the sight of 11 arseholes being hammered repeatedly for 90 minutes will be much too explicit for sky!

Bloke goes into a brothel and says I'm a bit kinky. How much for total humiliation?
The madam tells him £37.50...Wow what do I get for that...An England shirt!

Teacher to class, "What does your daddy do at week-ends?
Little boy, "He's a dancer in  a gay bar and sometimes if the price is right he lets punters bang his arse and cum in his gob".
Teacher takes boy outside ,"Is that true?"
"No Miss it's bollox. He's the goalkeeper for England but I'm too embarrased to say that!".

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