Friday, 11 June 2010

Gulf Stream to bring Oil and Dispersants to Europe

full story here (sorry last link not right)
This is the Gulf Stream, soon to be coloured BLACK with Oil!!

The other day I wrote on the BP Oil Spill reaching across the Atlantic via the Gulf Stream, I also suggested that there was more to this than met the eye, and that it could in some way be deliberate...

Well folks (no pun intended) I am not the only one who thinks that way...have a look below at the quote from a piece I found today...and as I said last time be worried, be very worried...and if as a blogger/blog reader you DO value the world we live in , then make this a priority in your itinerary, publish and cross post and stand up to tell the leaders of the world to stop apportioning blame and get together IMMEDIATELY and FIX this thing NOW!!!

"The central point at this point is who is prepared to put the urgently demanded federal and international scientific resources into solving this crisis. Further actions of the likes of that from the Obama White House to date or from BP can only lead to the conclusion that some very powerful people want this debacle to continue. The next weeks will be critical to that assessment".


fraser said...

You are right Indy that people should stop apportioning the blame (the Obama admin)But governments are totally useless,this is Obama attacking Britain whilst covering his own arse and fuckups,oh! and the mid term elections in the U.S are coming up and his zombies will be lapping it up.

I see you have made use of the new template looks good,i might do mine later,i'm of to work soon i'll try and do it tonight or tomorrow.

Indyanhat said...

Mornin' Fraser! I saw the template choice thing and tought why not!

O Bummer and his rhetoric need some serious slagging off from us bloggers I think and maybe a reminder about Bhopal Exxon Valdez etc! time to test the 'special relationship me thinks, though I can guess the backlash from rabid American 'fans' of the man now! will do a piece tonight or tomorrow on it , am taking the sprog to rugby 7s today!!