Saturday, 19 June 2010

O'Bummer to be given Internet KILL switch!!!

It is all about control, with this big eared freak of whatever passes for nature in his original part of the slime pit he called home, wherever that may have been?
So they are passing a law giving the Bummer man the ability to kill all dissenting voices immediately...I thought America was supposed to be the land of the free???
So much for freedom then my American blogger friends (and enemies) this affects us all, even us out here in the 'other' world will be screwed by this latest megalomaniac move by the BUMMER administration
They're going to be able to shut down Google and Yahoo amongst others, thats the largest part of the internet stuffed then! So much depends on Google, widgets on your blog, search engines referring to it, oh hell I don't know I'm not technical enough minded to truely realise the ramifications.
Surely the only thing left to do then is for Google and the others to leave America and take their tax revenues with them to a place that cannot be controlled by the commie scumbags who want to control you see how big a mistake you made voting for this piece of crap president now???

Shit on a stick, but the Amercan government really does think it owns the world in the sense of the gang cultcha "I 'own' you" saying. They can arrest anyone they like, anywhere they like (hell they don't even have to'arrest' you they can just make you disappear forever!!!) and now they are going to take away our internet freedom of speech/communication with our fellow men/women around the world!!
This really, truely makes me spitting MAD, bastards!!!
We need an internet campaign to stop this shit in it's tracks...
Original pissed me off piece here, dailymail ,I knew I shouldn't have read the damn thing...

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