Friday, 18 June 2010

Afghani Heroin Production Peaks under Allied Protection

SUBROSA: Drugs Far More Destructive Than Terrorism

Following on from a posting a few days ago Rosa has written the above piece on Drugs.

The whole issue of Afghani drug production is rife with problems, Russia is suffering the worst, as its land borders with Afghanistan are long and porous.

What was the point of deposing the Taleban, who had cracked down on the growing of drugs, presumably as its against their religion, at the same time they deprived themselves and the country of one of its only income sources. Not you might think a very wise idea if you wish to sponsor terrorism around the globe. In fact drug use/mis-use is one of the most lethal weapons in the terrorists grab-bag of available ways to destroy any given target, think of the problems it causes to the society afflicted by it, apart from the possible deaths caused by drugs like Heroin, you have the social and economic impacts on society to consider!

Is it a coincidence that the moment that Afghanistan is liberated from the 'evil clutch' of the Taleban, the Opium production skyrockets to double its previous dubious best? Is it also a coincidence that whilst occupied by the forces of the alliance it is the old enemy (Russian) block which is most affected by the problem?

I find it incredible that the Western world do not connect the dots in this...

The CIA have long been accused of drug running for profit and now as the Afghani fields are blooming again just look who is in control! Drug problems the world over seem to trace their way back to the efforts of the CIA, think Columbia, Bolivia then think about the problems faced in nations such as the USofA like Crack Cocaine (someone once told me that the Bush family actually hold the patent to the Cracking process, though I cannot verify this. Perhaps one of my readers may know where to find the evidence?)

Regardless, Drug supply is BIG business with HUGE profits and it seems to me that for all the efforts to stop the trade in Drugs nothing will change as long as we in the west turn a blinded eye on the machinations of our own secret services.

Why have the fields not been ripped out/burnt by our troops, carrying on the Taleban policies?, is it to gain support from the local warlords and tribal elders, has there been some sort of deal made?, who makes deals like this...certainly not heroes and who does that leave?,who is the terrorist now?

Further to a comment by my friend Fraser I would like to point readers in the direction of his piece on the drug war/alcohol prohibition contrast, you can find that here at fraserssoapbox.

I would also like to point out that I am NOT advocating riping out the Poppy fields and the farmers livelihoods as I believe there are other ways of dealing with the drugs produced. What I was trying to do was ask the Question why are we (the allies) not doing as the Taleban DID in getting rid of it rather than letting it flood the international market place through criminal hands!

Whilst we are on the subject of Afghanistan I would like to lead yo to a piece I have just found, it may dispell the mindset that thinks of the country as a barren wilderness try this  npr.  and look at how it once was!


fraser said...

We might disagree on something here Indy?
It is not against there religion,thats alcohol,every country every civilisation has it vice's.I read something a while back that 80 or 90% of the police officers in Helmand province are addicted to opium.
The poppy crops were booming when the British were in control also.
The opium crops are booming to fund the Talibs war against allie's.
The farmers get more money to grow poppies than anything else.

I think you should read my post;

How can America win the "war on drugs" if their prohibition laws failed?

Indyanhat said...

Well we can't allways agree on everything Fraser,however as far as I knew all intoxicants are frowned on by the Muslim faith, as they interfere with the proper worship of God/Allah. That large percentages of the police areinvolved in taking/protecting the crops is of little real surprise to me. Who better to pat in peanuts for their muscle...
Agreed the farmers get paid more than for anything else especially since the bottom fell out of the cotton market which is where many made a living once upon a time. The sad fact is Poppies will grow wild with little attention needed to bring in a crop.
Will pop round now and read your drug war thing, I look forward to being enlightened, and may even print a retraction should your piece convince me its needed. On the other hand I may just link your article to this to give another view of the whole thing if you have no objection!

fraser said...

On your npr link,pictures of how Afghanistan once was,have you read the book the Kite runner its very good,the film is as good as the book so if you dont have time for the book i recommend the film,and that gives you a feel for Afghanistan before the Russians invaded.

Indyanhat said...

YesFraser, I did see the film and it was very good as you say and it did inform those that did watch it!