Sunday, 20 June 2010

Snr Jose Aznars letter to the Times about Israel

Jose Aznar has written a letter to the Times, which most of us cannot see anymore as it requires a subscription that many of us are unwilling/unable to pay. However the letter that the ex Spanish Premier wrote is eloquent, in it's argument that the West should 'man up' and support the Israeli cause in the Middle East.

 He explains that the Israeli state is the West's only real friend in that part of the world and is culturally similar to the West, he also points out that Israel is attacked from all sides and it is also attacked (or at least not defended) by Western Democracies, which through socialist controlled governments have allowed far to much leeway for Arab fundamentalists and their actions at home and abroad.

Little is known of the true state of affairs in the Gaza Strip here in Britain by the general population, news reports are sporadic at best and heavily biased to the socialist agenda at worst...that leaves little real knowledge of the state of affairs on the ground. How much Israel itself is to blame for this is also difficult to assess, certainly the impression that I have had is that they are inclined to NOT  publicise their troubles to the world at large, perhaps it is a case of not wishing to display ones laundry in public and then again it may be that they no longer trust the Western media to give them a fair hearing!

I am writing this piece to in some ways retract certain assertions that I have made in the past regarding not having heard of Israel making many positive movements to redress the situation...I stand corrected and am not ashamed to say so here, perhaps the error was mine in NOT seeking more knowledge than that fed to us here by the Media, which I no longer pay much attention to having found the web and it's sources of knowledge. Part of the reason for that retraction is the following video , which shows quite clearly the lengths Israel goes to to ensure that the Gazan's DO NOT suffer humanitarian type crisis situations, it also shows the lengths that the Israeli's went to to do no harm in the process of stopping the convoy reaching it's destination.

 The video also shows the other side of the story from the deck of the Mavi Marmara, where it is obvious that the players were intent on causing as much damage as they could when a viable alternative existed. Don't get me wrong here, if there had been no other way to get the aid to the Gazan's then I would have applauded their stand/fight and still been condemning Israel...but the fact is there was no need to force the issue at all, as the man say's in the film, "lets not talk of politics, if you want to do humanitarian aid lets talk humanitarian aid!"

I am left having to agree with Senor Aznar, Israel does have the right to defend itself and as long as Israel will continue to support the efforts it does to deliver aid to Gaza, whilst at the same time stopping armaments reaching the Strip, I will have to support their stance in the name of logic and reason!
 Senor Aznar's letter can be found here at onejerusalem for those who may be interested!

Maritime Martyrs from CJHS on Vimeo.

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