Thursday, 10 June 2010

Breaking News: Reports Say Huge Explosions Cause Seafloor Collapse Beneath Gulf Oil Spill (Update 9)

BP are hiding the full horror of the Gulf oil disaster. We have been treated to a live feed of the (supposedly) Main Gusher but it is not the only one there!
Is this a world extinction event is the question now being asked! It certainly looks like it may qualify for it especially as BP are now using Biological weapons to disperse the oil. In fact it looks like what Saddam failed to be able to deliver to America BP are doing it for him! over a MILLION gallons of neurotoxin thrown into the GULF, latest reports are of plant and crop damage from water evaporation containing the chemicals falling on the land.
Large scale evacuations of people from the area may be only a short time away!!

And remember folks this is THE Gulf that gives us the Gulf Stream...On a beach near you, how soon????

view the link and start to be very afraid indeed. The coalition, the EU, even the possibility of war in the middle east pales into insignificance with the future they are talking about here...Hat tip to

Breaking News: Reports Say Huge Explosions Cause Seafloor Collapse Beneath Gulf Oil Spill (Update 9)

Chemical weapons story here


fraser said...

Indy,i think BP are getting a lot of stick from Obama and he is in this up to his neck,and it was a American contracter working and running the rig not BP.

Indyanhat said...

I'm sure youre right about the contractor Fraser, however BP are on site NOW and they (cumulatively) are throwing neurotoxins around for the fun of it.
That OBUMMER is in it up to his curly topped head is unsurprising to say the least, why he is is a different kettle of fish (all dead ones in this case. What does poisoning the Atlantic Ocean gain them I wonder??? With the Twin Tits it was obvious to any with a brain capable of thinking, but this!!
I have been waiting for some time now for the start of the programme of depopulation but killing off the worlds oceans to achieve it seems a bit on the drastic side to me...

fraser said...

I hear what your saying Indy,and yes there is more to this than meets the eye.