Monday, 28 June 2010

Abbott and 'THE WALL' (which wall is that then?)

So Dianne Abbott, MP and prospective Liebore leader has been quietly savaged by Andrew Neil on the TV!
A storm in a teacup?
Well it should be if it were not for the fact that every time the woman opens her mouth she shoots herself down in flames!
This time it is over her sending her son to a special school (oops sorry didn't mean 'special' in that sense, your party closed all of those down didn't it!), and then defending her action by saying that West Indian mum's go to the wall for their children.
What wall is she talking about here?
Is it the famous Eton and it's Wall Game?...No I don't think so, wouldn't that be betraying her Liebore rootz to far?
Well, does she mean the wall that has reached present coinage in such events as Marathons?, if she does then I am puzzled, I understood that 'wall' to be a point sometime before the end of the race where people easily give up and go no further!! So is she intimating that West Indian mothers will only go just so far and no further, leaving their offspring high and dry without support? It may seem so given the large numbers who resort to 'gang culcha' and all that goes with it!
Or was she referring to THE WALL?, the one that was past coinage in the English language, the wall that no one walks back from, standing blindfolded against waiting for the inevitable...BANG!
It may have been some sort of Freudian slip on her part suggesting that mothers of West Indian kids ought to be shot for their abandonment of said children to the inner city violence which is rife in certain areas of this country!!
Her quote should ensure (though I am sure it will not) that no self respecting West Indian mother from her constituency votes for her ever again, showing her as an elitist SNOB who doesn't think her constituents are worthy of mixing with , and I quote;
I knew what could happen if my son went to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd. They are subjected to peer pressure and when that happens it's very hard for a mother to save her son. Once a black boy is lost to the world of the gangs, it's very hard to get them back.
It would have been perhaps better for your son Ms Abott if 'you' had not got involved with that Liebore 'massif' gang and sucumbed to their insidious 'peer' pressure, maybe then the schools you denigrate would have been working properly and your son might have had a better chance of remaining human as opposed to feral!
Faced with the failure of your own party/governments policy and actions in dealing with schools your answer was to become a closet CONSERVATIVE was it? ....Interesting!


subrosa said...

Very well said Indyan. She didn't do herself any favours last week. In fact her attitude left a great deal to be desired. Portillo loved it though!

Barking Spider said...

Rosie's right, Indy, Portillo couldn't take the smirk off his face - he actually looked to be in danger of cracking up at one point. :-)

Flabbott has just lost all credibility with everyone - not that she ever had any as far as I was concerned! She was rolling those eyes at the ceiling worse than ever before,(practically non-stop as she lied through her teeth), and as for that wall..... like you, I'd like to see the whole fucking Labour front bench up against it.... with other traitors to follow!

Indyanhat said...

Hmmm!! I'm not alone then?, and I heard there's even a chance she will make leader (schlepping for the black vote to break back into England by the sound of it!
Abbott's attitudes and actions make her whiter than a lot of white folk except when it suits her to pull the race card and rely on the homies!!!
What a disaster she would be if they ever got her in as PM, I can see the cat fight in the White House now...

"He mmine Bitch!"
"You ain' keepin him once he get a taste o' dis black booty, now get yo' skinny ass out a here! We's talkin' impotent matters o state heah!

fraser said...

She love's playing the race card,o! and she brought her children up all on her own, so she knows what its like for all those struggling single mum's,she like's that one also Indy.I just turn off when i seen that lot now.

Indyanhat said...

Sound move Fraser! switch off that is, me I didn't watch it just saw an article on it!, never have been able to sit and watch her!!