Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Li-Dem Ocutor

Is it just me or do the Lib/Dems seem to be dropping like flies!?

Its as if now they have access to the bright shiny light of power, they are being zapped out of existence by the shit they have been rolling in that has not been given any notice all the time they were also ran's.
What does it take to get decent upstanding people into government?
The latest idiot was quite content to have his (seriously ugly, slap faced bitch on heat) on the side as long as no one found out about it, now all of a sudden he's leaving his wife of umpty do-dah years in favour of said bit of fresher crackling.
This, despite running on the ticket of being a completely committed husband to his partner!
It is all just lies and spin with these people, I don't really care that he had a bit on the side, what I care about is his lies! Lies which he was quite happy to tell to the voters to get/keep his nose in the trough, BASTARD!

Its his wife and family I feel sorry for and I hope she divorces him and gets every penny he's got!!!

Roll on the Budget!!

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