Friday, 24 September 2010

Which would you employ for front of house?

Following on from a Subrosa posting about a multi facial piercing and tatooed girl who cannot find work, and a comment by BTW about religious dress codes.
I was just wondering who you would employ given the choice between a person in a full Burkha/niquab combo and Hayley O'Neill (the person from Rosies posting)

You are interviewing for a front of house role, ie receptionist and both candidates are exactly equal in all respects save the dress and piercings/tatoos, who would you give the job to and why (though I would rather not see any racist comments here, my comment section is as ever un-moderated)


Joe Public said...


Front-of-House means customer-facing, and (with the exception of Muslim premises & Tattoo/Piercing Parlours) customers have a right to expect to see 'normal' people.

[Would a Muslim premises employ Hayley F-of-H; would a Tattooist employ a covered lady? Methinks not]

BTW - a particularly apt wv: "eyers"

Indyanhat said...

I agree Joe that given another third and more 'normal' choice neither is the answer, but if these were the only two choices and you had to hire one which one would it be?

some of these wv's get strangely spooky in their aptness!

Joe Public said...

I don't suppose the R N I B would be bothered which they employ.

Indyanhat said...

I could see you were too clever for me when you walked in...;~)

Career in the diplomatic service for you Joe!

Surreptitious Evil said...

Oow. How cynical do you want me to be?

Okay, complete conscienceless bastard time?

(Putative - you never know, do you) lass in a tent. Every time. 'Cause quite a lot of my clients are govt and it would be an offence for them to discriminate against me if my receptionist wore a black poncho but not if she was a well, a Hayley.


Hayley, every time. She's at least be honest with society about herself. Therefore a reasonable chance she's being honest with her employer.

Indyanhat said...

Oh excellent answer SE, just the sort of thing I was hoping for,
Pragmatism demands the Burkha whilst personal preference see's the strength of the individual that stands out from the crowd, like it!!!

Now I wonder if anyone can better that!

subrosa said...

Like Joe I'd say neither but if forced to make a choice I'd say Haley -without the face decorations. They'd heal up in time anyway.

In my business facial expression is everything. If people aren't witness to it then they can't make a decision either and I would loose clients.

Hypothetical business say as a dentist).

Ta for the link. x

Indyanhat said...

Hi Rosie, surely demanding she remove the metal would be against her Hooman rights, freedom of expresion etc! at least with her you can still see her teeth though!

Linking with you is always my pleasure dear lady!