Sunday, 26 September 2010

Multi -lingual blogging day...

Anna Raccoon was first (mademoiselle Anna Raton Lave c'est le premiere)((Mai Anna Raccoon yn cyntaf )) (((Fraulein Anna washbar bist erste))) 
now in pictures (maintenant dans photo) (( rwan mewn lluniau ))(((jetzt bei bild)))

The Liar (Le fabulateur) (( Y Clwyddgi))((( Der scwindler)))

The Police (le Police)((Yr Heddlu))(((Dei Polizie)))

A big Cunt (un grand conne)((Cunt Fawr))(((ein ganz fotze)))

Sweet baby hedgehog (un mignon bebe herisson) ((babi draenog del)) (((eine lieblich kliene igel)))

American idiot (le imbecile americain) ((y dwlyn americanaidd)) (((amerikaner Dummkopf)))

Cor!! (ooolala!)((am bishynnn!))(((yayaya bitte!)))

Love from Indyspareings (affectueuseument Indyspareings)((gyda chariad Indyspareings)) ((( mit liebe Indyspareings)))

I Tried didn't I???

Hat tip to anna raton lave


tris said...

Et oui,
Ça m’a beaucoup impressionné. J’avais toujours pensé que les britanniques (je ne sais pas si vous êtes anglais ou gaulois) étaient une nation de monolingues… mais j’avais tort. Je mange mes mots. Regardez… ou même écoutez ! (splutter splutter)

Alors je vous présente toutes mes félicitations Monsieur !

(o la la la la, mes mot ont le gout d’ennui !!)

Indyanhat said...

je suis content de vous revoir, c'est tres bon vous mange ton mot, bon appetite mon cher!
Je n'est pas anglais et je n'est pas gaulois, je suis ecossais plupart!


fraser said...

เอ็ด มิลลิบาน เป็นเจ้าของโดย เดอะ ยูเนียน
Ed Milliband phan chon kong Doi The Unions..

(Thai)The unions own Ed Milliband.

Indyanhat said...

Fuck Fraser!!!how do people get their keyboards to do that squiggly stuff, well done (tres bon)((chwarae teg))(((sehr gut)))

Catosays said...

Road of borrux...Japanese...p-msl

tris said...

Isn't Thai awesome looking....?

You wonder how anyone can make out the difference between the letters!!

Which reminds me of the story of the guy who went to France for the first time and came back royally impressed with thier level of education...

"Why", he exclaimed, "even little children can speak French!"

On a more serious note, it is amazing how many countries to which we consider ourselves vastly superior, contain populations where almost everyone speaks 2, 3 or even 4 different languages, sometimes involving different scripts.

Indyanhat said...

quite right tris, I was in Morroco a year or so ago and the street urchins could not only tell where you were from by just spotting you at 70 yds but could address and converse in 6 or 7 languages English,french,spanish, german and for f..ks sake russian as well as Morrocan arabic and the local berber tongue, it was awesome to watch them working the tourists (it was winter so things were quite slow), they were well impressed when they met a 'welsh family' though and couldn't believe their ears...but they all wanted to learn a few words of it, clever little buggers, you have to admire them for it!

Indyanhat said...

Cato shouldn't that be (p-msr) ?