Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Update to Barbarians

H/T to Vlad Tepes
This is what they say on their television programes, this is their voice of 'peace and reason'....????

As to the previous video, I have been informed that the girl is a Hindu that was kidnapped by Muslims and forced into marriage which she refused to accept...I will post more detail as and when it arrives...

Beware the evil that is coming towards us, we have fought as a nation for our freedoms! Do not let them be taken from us and be reduced to what is seen here!!!


fraser said...

They're just a bunch of nutjobs Indy dont let them get to you.

We will never let these Islamist nuts take us.

Dont take your eye off the ball.
Are own political "masters"want us devided,and our attention or scrutany elswhere.

Indyanhat said...

Trouble is Fraser the field of play is covered in kickable few actually have any idea which is the one for the game we are supposed to be playing...

fraser said...

"Trouble is Fraser the field of play is covered in kickable balls"

And it would be rude not to kick them Indy...just dont let the self serving pigs of the hook.