Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Liberty Medal?!!!...

Blair, Bliar,Poodle,War Criminal and now Liberty Medal recipient...

Few are less deserving of a Liberty Medal in my opinion, this man rabid war mongerer, has brought no liberty to anyone anywhere in the world. In fact we all have had our liberty seriously eroded by him and his governments actions.

I have blogged on this political primadonna previously and any who read my blog will know how much I detest the man murdering scum ball.

This is your Liberty Bliar you bastard,

It is little wonder that the Muslim world is in uproar over your horrendous crimes which we are all tainted with now!

The evil bully in the playground given a medal for throwing the world into chaos, you couldn't make this shit up if you tried...

There is no justice or hope of justice in our world with this sort of thing going on...

Bliar is hated here and his every move is dogged by protesters who will not forget, dogged by people who try to arrest him for Crimes against Humanity. Everywhere here he is pursued by the ones he lied to and cheated of their freedoms. Do the Americans not see any of this??? Do they not know that his own countries people detest him (save for a few rabid party political ostriches with their heads in the sand!).

Only in America is he able to go unmolested about the business of re-writing history in his own twisted image!

Blair an agent of peace?... the world has gone mad!


Only history will tell us the truth, if it ever comes out!

As I have said before I do not believe the official line on 9/11, and I CAN understand the hate and revulsion of the Muslim world over what has gone on since that tragic event, I can even understand the Muslims wanting their laws to hold sway to re-dress the wrongs committed by our governments against innocent populations in countries we have waged wars of attrition upon.

I do not agree with their solutions, though I do feel that our own powerlessness to bring War Crimes charges against our leaders shows that our system does not work and is hypocritically defending 'our' indefensible leaders and their actions. We do not and never have lived in a Democracy and that is the fault of us, the people, for not forcing the powers that be/were to address that shortcoming. If our system however did follow the rule of law instead of the rule of vested interests, it would still have a lot to recommend it over other systems.

We are today on the brink of  disaster, the old Cold War was always a red herring with neither side willing to move, but today...today we face a war that could destroy us all. A war that has a quasi-religious element vs. a secular society whose Christian values have long since been trampled under the stampeding herd of consumerism. a society which cannot agree to see where the real threats lie in the face of a manufactured enemy that screams for our blood.

Our real threat lies within our own governments, they created the conditions for the 'other' side to hate us, they created the mass immigration of the same people who hate us, they created divisive policies which abnegate 'our' rights and freedoms and then they sold us out to Europe to allow further influx of people who do not wish our system to survive!

What are the answers?

Immediately...bring to trial the perpetrators of the wars that are and always were illegal, who hide amongst us, protected at 'our' expense!

Leave the EU immediately and secure our borders!

Prosecute all who will not live in peace in 'our' system and eject those who continue to inflame others!

Desist from all foreign interventions not specifically sanctioned by the UN.

Re-instate the British Constitution and all 'our' freedoms which have been so callously removed!

And perhaps most importantly make sure that ALL the British people (whatever their race creed or colour) are fully engaged with the political processes of this 'OUR' country and never again allow the vested interests to hold sway!



Smoking Hot said...

The Muslims have always hated anyone who did not follow lslam. Take the Ottoman Empire that invaded and ruled Bulgaria till 1908. All christians were treated as gavurs which is a deformed version of plural of kafir.

All major cultural centres in Bulgaria were destroyed as were the historical works inc books and art.

The Ottamans totally stagnated Bulgaria for 500 years.

lslam needs no excuses to dominate and hate.

Billy said...

Smoking Hot - Funny that is what Christianity did to Egypt as well after they stole their religion. They destroyed the great Library at Alexandria with all its historical works and destroyed a lot of their monuments and art in order to hide where they copied the Jesus myth from the Egyptian sun god myth Horus.

Of course Christianity did not need any excuses to dominate and hate either as they have done themselves throughout the centuries.

Billy said...

Totally agree with what you say! Everyone has got to keep plugging away in order to get the guilty people like Blair and his cronies and everyone else into court and justice served for the victims of the London Bombings, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

Blair and his cronies are guilty of murder and treason - as far as I am aware the death penalty still stands for the latter - the minimum they deserve.

Indyanhat said...

SH, I am familiar with the history and cannot fault what you have said particularly..

Billy your first comment also has much merit, I would have to agree also with you that Christianity has been (and may still be) a thouroughly nasty and violent excuse for oppression and invasion. That the excuses are couched in religious terms make my stomach churn, whoever is making them...

your second comment is appreciated in that it focuses on the post rather than the side (though in themselves important) issues, which I was trying to get away from to some extent.

I believe that Bliar did away with the death for treason thing when first in power, as he knew full well where he was going and knew it could easily cost him his neck if it went wrong!

I am going to step back from this 'us v them' debate for a while now as I feel I have done my bit, here, to make people aware of some of the issues that are of great concern to the British Public and were in themselves not given enough publicity...I will not run into the trap of becoming a single issue blog if I can help it and will go on to continue pointing the finger of castigation wherever it needs directing.

Smoking Hot said...

Billy ... all we have about Alexandria is pitiful. lndeed it can be argued that the Library never even existed. Taking that the Libray did exist, the most accepted point of view was it was destroyed accidentally by Caesar.

Back to the issue. lt's bloody amazing now that no-one in the Labour Cabinet accepts responsibility for lraq. lndeed the consensus seems to say that they were all against the war in Iraq!!!!! Yeah right!

Blair and his cronies brought us into this debacle on nothing more than a personal agenda and ignored the people of the UK and indeed the world. History is writen by the victors but in this case we can't call it a victory and never will be able to. lt is nothing but a disgrace.

Indyanhat said...

Absolutely spot on SH it is a disgrace and somehow we must find it in ourselves to bring those responsible to justice ...ALL of them ...the leaders and the followers who now deny. This is a classic opportunity to rid our politics of the theives liars and murderers and simultaneously give notice to all who would govern us that 'we'th eople will not tolerate any more of the same ,ever again!

Anonymous said...

There's a place in hell reserved for Blair... indeed for so many of the religious followers who have brought such pain and hate to the world.

If Jesus and Mohammad could see what man has done to the philosophies that they left... as their legacy?

Indyanhat said...

I hope you're right tris 'cause if I find him in the other place (if I get there) I'll spit on God and ask for a transfer!

Caratacus said...

"Those petulant capricious sects,
Maggots of corrupted texts".

Religion arose because ancient man saw things he could not explain and ascribed them to "gods". Time passed and the priests drew power to themselves by professing knowledge of the gods and how they could be appeased, then used this power to accrue riches and power.

One of the common themes of many religions is the abhorrence of pluralism; i.e. it's my way or the highway. All other religions are damned, apostasy is punishable by death and worse. Keep control through fear and terror.

Kings and emperors then use religion to keep the masses taxed and in order; encourage a permanent state of warfare by pointing up the differences between Us and Them.

In my 'umble opinion of course. Which is usually wrong.

Thank christ I'm not religious... touchwood. Come in out of the dark Chicken Little!

Indyanhat said...

Caratacus I'd say that that was a fairly accurate appraisal of religion, so this time at least you should be happy to be right!( I will give you 9 out of 10 for it anyway, nah fuck it 10 out of 10)

love the " Thank christ I'm not religious" bit!

Caratacus said...

Thank you Indy - I was ver' ver' drunk! (Hence the piss-poor syntax + so forth). Religion's still a pile of horse-shit though :)

Indyanhat said...

Perhaps you should stay 'drunk' mate, whats this about a sin tax on the piss poor!!! that fucking government need a boot up the jacksie if they tax us poverty stricken any further!!!

adelaide girl said...

That poor child.

Indyanhat said...

Adelaide Girl, I am sorry to have had to show the picture, this should never have been allowed to happen, there are thousands and thousands of war damaged children and possibly hundreds of thousands of adults...

Blair is responsible for these atrocities and should nver be allowed to forget it...Liberty Medal!!!..the bastard deserves a noose!